Vivisol Improved the Digital Experience for Their Customers with New Client Portals

Home care group Vivisol uses their Liferay solution to provide high-quality digital care, guaranteeing all users access to their data and useful treatment information.
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Key Takeaways

  • Stand out from your competitors.
    Vivisol's customer portal gives them an edge in a crowded market.
  • Prioritize privacy concerns.
    Vivisol is able to reach and protect patients in multiple countries while complying with government regulations.
  • Make the digital experience as important as the real-world experience.
    Using the upgraded customer portal, patients get the same great experience on and offline. 


As part of the Sol Group and founded in 1986, Vivisol has established themselves as one of the leading home care providers in Europe, serving over 600,000 patients in 20 countries.
Liferay Solutions
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As a Liferay client since 2015, Vivisol has leveraged Liferay technology to host twelve different websites. After spending the last few years upgrading to Liferay DXP, Vivisol decided to take on ambitious goals for their new customer portals.

Vivisol hoped their customer portals would address the following needs:  
  1. Unified brand identity. Vivisol hoped to define a coherent corporate image while making it possible for patients to have personalized experiences.
  2. Cross-country flexibility. Serving different countries with different healthcare systems meant the customer portal would need to adapt to the unique circumstances of each region.
  3. Information privacy. The portal had to be able to guarantee the highest level of security in all contexts.
Liferay gave us the opportunity to create a consistent brand identity across the entire international Vivisol website network, also allowing local customization.
Christian Quaggia
Marketing Director


To deal with these needs, Vivisol decided to upgrade their customer portal to Liferay DXP in the cloud. Vivisol teamed up with Liferay partner Open Reply for the upgrade and development process. Because Vivisol wanted to use their IT team to manage Liferay's infrastructure, Liferay Experience Cloud Self-Managed (LXC SM) was a great option, providing them with the advantages of a cloud platform while still giving them control over the infrastructure.


Now, all Vivisol's Liferay solutions are on Liferay DXP, empowering Vivisol with the help of Open Reply to handle the technical and legal challenges of having a diverse patient base across multiple countries. Vivisol has also solidified their brand identity across their solutions, ensuring patients have a consistent experience tailored to their needs.

The upgraded customer portal:
  1. Gives Vivisol a competitive advantage. Having the customer portal helps Vivisol stand out in a crowded market.
  2.  Makes access simple for providers. Healthcare providers use the customer portal for easy communication with Vivisol.
  3. Improves the patient experience. Patient site visits have increased as the phone channel (the most widespread mode of communication) has gradually integrated with the digital channel using information/assistance request forms.
For the future, Vivisol plans to add more functionality to the customer portal to continue providing patients with high-quality digital healthcare services that aid and complement in-person care.