How 5 Leading Energy and Utilities Companies Are Revolutionizing Customer Engagement

In the era of digital transformation, energy and utility companies face the critical need to modernize and stay competitive. Surprisingly, 94% of these providers admit to struggling in keeping up with the fast-paced and ever-evolving market. So, how are these companies tackling this challenging landscape?

This eBook will take you on a journey to:
1. Explore the key digital challenges faced by energy and utility organizations.
2. Discover effective digital solutions that have revolutionized the industry.
3. Showcase five real-life success stories from leading companies that have achieved their business goals by leveraging the cutting-edge capabilities of Liferay Digital Experience Platform (Liferay DXP).

Download the ebook to know more about this leading companies and how they:
  • Achieved higher levels of customer satisfaction.
  • Seamlessly integrated a multitude of legacy applications.
  • Experienced a 50% boost in online payments through self-service tools.
  • Reduced development resources by 20%.
  • Achieved savings of 50% on IT infrastructure.
  • Increased managed websites by 25%.
  • Enhanced search engine visibility and organic traffic through effective SEO strategies.
  • Maintained compliance.
And much more.

Get your copy now and learn how Liferay can help you achieve your business goals with its flexible, scalable, and personalized capabilities that empower you to create powerful portals that lead the market.


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