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私たちは競争力のないものから競争力のあるものへと変わった。 Liferayを基盤に構築されたHP Unisonパートナーポータルは、同市場のベンダーより先行して実現しました。







A single global entry point

Using Liferay as the underlying platform, and for the first time in company history, HP was able to offer all its partners a single global URL and entry point to all of the services and tools available within the partner ecosystem: including a catalog of products, deal registration, order management, quoting and compensation, training and marketing support. Additionally, a customizable dashboard allows users to self-configure the business tools they use most to their homepage for rapid, 1-click access.

Through the new HP Partner Portal, partners were able to receive content in a targeted and relevant way through a multi-level set of permissions to deliver meaningful news, promos, homepage content, notifications, banners and more.

The key features and benefits of the HP Unison Partner Portal included:

  • One partner portal with a global URL and single login to the entire HP partner ecosystem.
  • Navigation organized by partner task rather than HP business structure.
  • Clean, clear, consistent structure and search for easy-to-find content.
  • Quick access to tools: one-click away from content and applications through customizable homepage dashboard.
  • Improved performance using HP Moonshot Servers, customized
  • Liferay extensions and real-time monitoring worldwide for rapid response to issues.

The results

Following the company separation in 2015, part of the HP Unison Partner Portal became the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Partner Ready Portal. In addition, HPE has completed eight different acquisitions and two divestitures that required integration with numerous different assets within the Portal environment. Through it all, the flexibility and permissioning capabilities of Liferay have made HPE’s Portal a success and a benefit for partners working with the company who now have access to effective tools and fast data communication made possible through the Portal. “We, on average, see about 70 percent of our active population returning multiple times a day. "We see about 85 percent multiple times a week,” said Anderson. “Which is really outstanding when you think about how this is a population that could be calling in to the help desk a lot. To see them actively self-serving is really terrific.”

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