Digital Solutions for Transforming Wealth Management

Grow AUM in an age of exponential change. 
"The wealth management industry has reached a sink-or-swim moment in terms of digital."
Lea Nonninger, Research Analyst at Business Insider and Insider Intelligence

Outpace Change in the Wealth Management Industry

Retain Clients and Attract New Ones
Build digital experiences that meet the expectations of a new generation of wealth. Give your clients a 360 degree view of their portfolio and assets. Serve them through personalized omnichannel experiences done at scale. From public websites to client portals, Liferay DXP puts your company’s differentiators at the forefront of the client experience. 
Unleash Your Advisors
Leaders in the industry are giving their advisors better tech so they can focus on high-value activities for their clients. Reduce the tedious paperwork with digitized processes. Provide comprehensive client views unified with the best-in-class technology you already own.
Widen Your Margins
As competition drives down fees and regulation increases costs, it’s imperative to maximize operational efficiency, from the front office to the back, through automating processes, streamlining client onboarding, digitizing paper processes, and reducing IT overhead with cloud infrastructure.
"As soon as they log into their workspace, they can manage their entire client-member reference and associated product portfolio in real time, allowing for a much more seamless and optimized experience and customer-centric focus."
William Longmene Kue, Product Manager and Solution Architect at Desjardins Group

A Platform That Emphasizes Your Differentiators and Equips You For Innovation

Wealth management organizations gain a competitive advantage when they place clients, advisors, and employees at the center of their business. They depend on Liferay’s solutions and expertise to accelerate the creation of these digital experiences. 
Create Value Quickly
Develop bespoke streamlined and connected experiences that clients and employees want. Go to market faster with new solutions by leveraging flexible pre-built capabilities because, as you know, gained speed translates to competitive advantage. 
In The Cloud Or On-Premise
Liferay DXP fits your business with industry proven cloud and on-premise deployments. Our on-prem DXP has been the financial industry’s standard, and Liferay DXP Cloud adds a reliable enterprise PaaS solution that provides autoscaling, development tools, environments, monitoring, and more.
Integrate Legacy Systems 
Overcome integration difficulties with a platform unparalleled in its interoperability and flexibility. Unite existing core wealth management technology to work alongside emerging FinTech while maintaining class leading security.
Lay Groundwork for Effective AI
AI flourishes when there is extensive data and well-defined use cases. Build a solid foundation for AI by unifying disparate data sources and digitizing previously manual processes. 
Maximize Existing and Future Tech Stacks
Liferay DXP is open source with no vendor lock in. OpenAPI compliance and a wide range of development tools accelerate innovation when developing solutions that support new business models while meeting regulatory compliance requirements throughout the environment.
Leverage Industry Experience
Liferay’s consulting services, both in-house and through certified partners, have decades of financial industry experience with many of the largest financial firms in the world. 
Liferay Powers Over 160 Financial Services Institutions
Liferay named a leader in the 2021 Magic Quadrant for Digital Experience Platforms.
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Build Client-Centric Experiences That Set You Apart