5 Signs It's Time to Break Up with Your Customer Portal
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5 Signs It's Time to Break Up with Your Customer Portal

Do you need to say goodbye to your old customer portal platform?

1. Your Customer Service Team is Overwhelmed.

Customers are submitting more tickets or calls than your customer service team can handle, many of which for what should be straightforward self-service tasks.


2. You Frequently Get Usability Complaints from Customers.

Customers come to you with frustrations that they can't find what they need, or that the site is cluttered with irrelevant information and directionless content.


3. You Have Many Non-Integrated Systems.

Because your customer portal isn't integration-friendly, customers have to go elsewhere and sign into multiple accounts to access necessary systems.


4. You Struggle to Update the Portal.

Whether you're rolling out a new feature or just posting important information, it takes a long time and plenty of IT intervention before you can make any changes.


5. Lower-Than-Expected Logins.

Your customer portal isn't having the impact you anticipated, with decreasing levels of engagement and interest in available resources and actionable tasks.


Looking for a better solution that can address all these problems? Read more about Liferay's customer portals.
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9 febbraio 2023
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