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What's New With Liferay?

Experience the next level of Liferay DXP with our latest enhancements. Discover our suite of new updates and features designed to provide you with a comprehensive solution that empowers you to achieve more.
  • Improved integration capabilities for content and data to make it easier to deliver your tailored digital experiences

    Our Platform architecture ensures scalability, flexibility, and security, empowering businesses to stay agile and adapt to evolving customer needs in the ever-changing digital landscape.
    Enable customers to manage data from third-party systems through Liferay
    Say goodbye to the inconvenience of making your customers juggle multiple systems at once! Users will now be able to effortlessly manage data from external systems directly through Liferay. No more unnecessary parallel access – it's all streamlined for your convenience!
    • With our client extension support, connecting with other systems becomes a breeze, allowing you to create better experiences and seamlessly handle permissions through Liferay role management. 
    • Unlock a new level of efficiency and productivity as you easily manage data from various systems without writing a single line of code.
    Advanced Notification capabilities and extensibility
    Experience a new level of control with advanced notifications management that expands beyond traditional boundaries. 
    • Dynamically compose personalized emails and user notifications. 
    • Our support for extensions empowers customers to introduce innovative notification types from popular platforms like WhatsApp, Line, and Slack, revolutionizing how you connect and engage with your audience.
    Improved low-code Data Modeling capabilities
    New Data Modeling improvements extend our platform capabilities, eliminating the need for coding to empower site admins with enhanced control over editing, viewing, and access permissions. New features include:
    • Multi-language support 
    • New encrypted and DateTime fields
    • New rules for making a field read-only
    • Objects Data integrated with Liferay's GDPR compliance framework
  • New Order Management tools and Supplier Management capabilities, simplifying multi-vendor Commerce use cases

    Our robust commerce capabilities empower businesses to drive sales, enhance customer engagement, and optimize the end-to-end customer journey.
    Automated Order Splitting
    Experience the freedom of seamless ordering with our new OOTB (Out-of-the-Box) workflow. No more mixed-basket woes now that customers can split their orders from different suppliers into individual supplier orders, ensuring a smooth and efficient purchasing process.
    • Suppliers can manage their own orders and automatically update the customer's view of status changes and shipments.
    • Businesses can manage customer expectations effectively and improve the overall customer experience with more transparency on order status.
    Price on Application
    Take control of your pricing strategy by hiding prices and inviting your customers or customer segments to request quotes. 
    • Empower your sales agents to handle these requests, ensuring personalized attention and tailored solutions. 
    • Experience a streamlined process that brings transparency, flexibility, and a human touch to your sales interactions.
    Supplier Order & Catalog Management
    Discover the power of autonomy with our new product feature: an innovative out-of-the-box Supplier Role that enables Suppliers to manage their own product catalogs and channels.
    • Simplify the configuration of Suppliers and the use of custom roles
    • Enable Suppliers to self-serve, managing their own Product Data and Order Fulfillment
  • Elevate Your Digital Experience with enhanced AI integrations and more tools to ensure you are delivering Inclusive Experiences

    Deliver personalized and targeted content, ensuring consistency and high quality across diverse channels and devices. Expand customer reach, compliance, and user satisfaction, achieving heightened efficiency and scalability for unmatched digital experiences.
    Enable AI-powered content creation features
    Unleash your creativity with our exciting integration featuring OpenAI ChatGPT! Elevate your web content to new heights as you tap into the power of the trendiest AI content generator. 
    • Empower your content creators and ensure that the content produced is consistently high-quality, relevant, and optimized for different channels and devices
    • Get ready to revolutionize your web content game with the ultimate AI companion by your side.
    Liferay’s Accessibility Strategy
    Our accessibility strategy will guarantee that DXP is an inclusive, accessible solution that leaves nobody out.  We're excited to announce the rebuilt admin navigation, designed with accessibility in mind. 
    • Now you can effortlessly navigate through main admin actions using your keyboard and seamlessly utilize popular Screen Readers like JAWS, NVDA, VoiceOver, and more. 
    • Additionally, we've made significant improvements to our out-of-the-box Clay components, to make it easier for customers to ensure accessible experiences when relying on Clay.
    • Check out the latest update in our Liferay Accessibility Conformance Report.
  • Embrace agility and flexibility through low-code data modeling to support growth and evolving business needs

    Empower users to autonomously manage data, fostering independence and efficiency and staying ahead of the competition with our empowering data management capabilities.
    Create Views with our New Dataset Manager through Low Code
    Ignite your data management potential with a new dataset manager that empowers customers to define captivating data views using low code while harnessing the power of headless APIs. 
    • Customize and curate your data displays, allowing you to showcase exactly what you want to your users. 
    • Get rid of the tedious process of manual UI adjustments after platform upgrades as our intuitive UI-based customization streamlines the entire experience.
    Content Security Policy (CSP)
    Introducing the Content Security Policy (CSP) – your shield against online threats. Safeguard your digital realm with an enhanced layer of security, designed to detect and neutralize insidious attacks like Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) and data injection. 
    • From safeguarding sensitive information to fortifying your website against malicious defacement and malware distribution, CSP acts as your steadfast guardian. 
    • Shield your online presence with the power of cutting-edge protection, ensuring peace of mind and unyielding defense against ever-evolving cyber threats.

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