What's New With Liferay?

Experience the next level of Liferay DXP with our latest enhancements. Discover our suite of new updates and features designed to provide a comprehensive solution that empowers you to achieve more.


Empower your teams to deliver customized pages and sites on any device or channel
  • Elevate Your Page-Building Experience

    We're thrilled to introduce a groundbreaking feature that gives our customers the power to leverage pre-built tools like the Page Editor and Content Pages to design and manage their business processes. This includes creating comprehensive data ingestion and management experiences for a variety of scenarios like onboarding, customer portals, supplier portals ticketing systems, and more. Thanks to this new capability, our customers can enhance their operations, boost efficiency, and enjoy a seamless, user-friendly experience like never before. But that's not all – we've also got your back when it comes to performance. Real-time feedback keeps you informed about potential performance implications as you're putting your pages together, ensuring that your publish runs smoothly the first time out.
  • Provide on-demand user access to review changes in Publications

    Our new Temporary Access Collaboration will allow you to share your work for review without the need to create accounts or go through authentication for external users. You can now invite reviewers, such as legal experts and editors, with a simple URL. No need for complicated setups. This innovation streamlines the review process and maintains security by offering secure, temporary access.
  • Streamline content publication with enhanced flexibility

    Publishing your content got a lot easier. We're excited to introduce a new feature that provides greater flexibility in how you publish your content. Say goodbye to the challenges of publishing partial sets of changes, especially during larger publications. With our latest enhancement, you can effortlessly move changes from one publication to another. No more delays or wasted efforts—your content management process is now more streamlined and efficient than ever.
  • Visualize Your Apps Better: Manage No-code Data Modeling and Diagram View 

    Discover the model builder initiative – a game-changer for enhancing how you approach modeling objects. Unveil a panoramic view of your application, empowering you to effortlessly validate the accuracy of your platform models. With reduced modeling errors, seamless stakeholder validations, and an accelerated journey to market, this initiative is your key to an optimized and efficient development experience

Content Management

Deliver personalized and targeted content, ensuring consistency and high quality across diverse channels and devices. 
  • Enable AI-powered content creation features

    Unleash your creativity with our exciting integration featuring OpenAI ChatGPT! Elevate your web content to new heights as you tap into the power of the trendiest AI content generator. 
    Empower your content creators and ensure that the content produced is consistently high-quality, relevant, and optimized for different channels and devices.
    Get ready to revolutionize your web content game with the ultimate AI companion by your side.


Deliver more personalized and relevant content through enhanced segmentation, AI-generated recommendations, and A/B testing.
  • Increased Flexibility to run A/B tests

    Unlock the power of control with our enhanced A/B Testing feature. Now, you can conclude tests on your terms, gaining swift access to results and identifying the winning variant. No more waiting around—seize the opportunity to optimize your strategies and elevate your decision-making with ease. Your success, your way.


Support more complex Product Models with enhanced support for product bundles and extended UOM classifications 
  • Configurable Products

    We've refined the concept of product bundles, enhancing their configurability and introducing flexible restriction rules. Now, customers can manage more intricate product configurations without relying on guidance from a sales representative. Edit bundles in your cart effortlessly, and explore product rules that empower you to decide which items can be combined or must remain separate. Your product configurations are simplified and more versatile than ever.
  • Units of Measure & Decimalized Quantities

    We're introducing the ability to define distinct units of measure, alongside support for decimalization, right within your product for SKUs, Inventory, and Pricing. This means more flexibility, control, and an enhanced shopping experience for you and your customers.


Leverage Liferay DXP with a cloud offering that works for your business 
  • Improved client extension Logging

    We've integrated a powerful feature that aggregates and presents both Client Extensions and DXP logs on your Cloud Console, creating a unified log viewing experience for our LXC customers. This streamlined approach preserves the structural integrity and security of LXC while empowering users with comprehensive log insights. 
  • Enhanced Data Security and Speed with Private Service Connect and Cloud Interconnect

    We're excited to introduce a significant improvement in the Liferay Cloud platform. With the integration of Private Service Connect and Cloud Interconnect, users now have secure and dedicated channels for seamless communication and data transfer between their on-premises systems and Liferay Cloud. This means enhanced data security, reduced delays, and consistent top-notch performance. Your data will travel safely and efficiently, improving your overall experience.
  • Liferay Cloud Welcomes Azure Git Repos Integration 

    We're excited to introduce a significant enhancement in Liferay Cloud—Azure Git Repos integration via Azure DevOps with Jenkins (CI) service.  By seamlessly integrating with Azure Git Repos, we're creating a robust development and deployment environment that fosters collaboration, automation, code quality, and security. 


Save users time with personalized, integrated, and organized search results
  • Unleash Creative Freedom: Dynamic Collections with Search Blueprints [BETA]

    Get ready to revolutionize your content presentation! Our latest update empowers page builders with an innovative way to create dynamic collections and showcase assets like never before.  Elevate your content presentation game effortlessly, without diving into the realm of complex code. Showcase your blueprint's results in a stunning collection display fragment. It's like a dynamic duo that lets you flex your creative muscles, leveraging search capabilities to showcase your assets dynamically. 
  • Search Without Downtime: Introducing High-Availability Reindex Modes [BETA]

    Reduce interruption for both users and site visitors, and improve operational and resource utilization efficiency with the new Concurrent and Sync reindex execution modes.  With these new modes, you can carry out searches while a reindex is seamlessly running in the background. Say goodbye to search downtime and explore content without missing a beat.


Leverage an industry-leading platform to integrate external systems, extend the platform’s functionality, and remove data silos.
  • Empowering Seamless Data Sharing: Customizing APIs through no-code [BETA]

    We're dedicated to enhancing your experience, and our latest feature is here to simplify data management across your applications. Now, you can effortlessly manage different versions of your internal data without the need for complex coding. Gain the power to define API endpoints that expose custom data lists with ease.
  • Definition of Filters and Actions for Datasets [BETA] 

    With our upgraded dataset manager, you're the master of your data's destiny. Now, you can shape your view of information effortlessly. Our low-code approach empowers you to set up filters, sorting options, and actions that perfectly match your workflow. Want to prioritize certain data? Done. Need to sort it differently? Easy. Want specific actions at your fingertips? Consider it done. Experience a data interaction that matches your unique needs.
  • Enable business users to manage data migration [BETA]

    Our latest update empowers you to manage data export and import tasks independently, eliminating the need to wait for IT assistance. Adapt to changing business requirements with ease and enhance operational efficiency, ensuring smoother operations and faster decision-making. Your data, your way. 

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