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Solutions: Customer portals

Attract, Serve, and Empower Your Customers

With a customer portal, you can personalize content, simplify complexity, and make it easy for your customers to do business with you
Putting the user first

Thanks to personalized content user-friendly e-commerce space, Terres Inovia doubled their web traffic and increase customer inquiries.

Engage Customers with Personalized Digital Experiences

Your customers don’t have time to navigate a complicated website. Personalize and optimize the digital experience to make it easy for your customers to find relevant information quickly.
  • Help your visitors find product, company, and service information faster with powerful search capabilities.
  • Easily segment your customers to deliver relevant content that matches their interests.
  • Guide users on your site with navigation menus that change based on your audience.
  • Deliver enhanced personalization that encourages your visitors to take action.
  • Measure and refine your customer journeys using analytics and multivariate testing.
  • Create and organize all your content, segments, and user journeys on one unified platform.  

Serve Your Customers Better Without Adding Staff

Your customers shouldn’t have to sit on hold to update their accounts or get answers to simple questions. Empower your customers to find what they need online without requiring time from support representatives. 
  • Provide secure online access to sensitive documents such as contracts and statements.
  • Allow customers to update their information, pay their bills, or open a support ticket.
  • Onboard customers faster with a detailed knowledge base of support/training materials.
  • Let customers answer each others’ questions through user community forums.
  • Get user feedback through chatbots, forms, or ratings on your published content. 
  • Measure portal adoption and find areas for improvement with integrated analytics.

Streamline Complex Purchasing Experiences

In B2B, product options, discounts, ordering methods, and other factors can vary widely between customers. Simplify buying and encourage repeat business with a site that adjusts to display only what’s relevant for each customer. 
  • Make it easy to showcase, compare, or select your products with digital product catalogs tailored to each customer. 
  • Upsell and cross-sell with smart recommendations, based on past purchases, similar customers, or related items.
  • Simplify B2B ordering through automated approval workflows, support for different payment methods, custom account- or role-based ordering options, and guest checkout.
  • Grow into any market with tax integrations and multi-currency support.
  • Allow customers to view inventory, receive quotes, or check order status.
  • Enable your sales reps to optimize customer orders, offer relevant discounts, or recommend complementary solutions by providing an order history dashboard.

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