Liferay Announces New Offering to Help Companies Accelerate Innovation in Digital Experiences

Liferay Experience Cloud unites the capabilities modern companies need to deliver, manage, and improve customer-centered digital experiences

LOS ANGELES, CA – (March 15, 2022) – Liferay, Inc., announced today that it is making it even easier for companies to build and evolve digital experiences with a new cloud-based DXP-as-a-Service offering. Liferay Experience Cloud helps companies create, launch, and optimize digital experiences for their customers, employees, suppliers, and sellers. It includes content management, account management, analytics, commerce, personalization, and low code capabilities, delivered on an as-a-service cloud fully managed by Liferay.

"Enterprise software is being transformed by the pressure for companies to apply digital quickly to every area of the business,” said Bryan Cheung, CEO at Liferay. "Software as a Service has set a new standard for how quickly companies launch digital solutions, but SaaS is usually locked down—every customer gets the same solution. With Liferay Experience Cloud, we are providing an incredibly flexible platform for custom solutions with the speed and convenience of as-a-service software.”

With Liferay Experience Cloud, organizations can create a broad range of custom solutions, including customer experiences, employee portals, and solutions for suppliers, distributors, and retailers. Back-end integration is simplified with connectors and cloud-native APIs, and custom code can be deployed and managed without compromising ease of upgrades or access to new features. A consumption-based pricing model allows enterprises to start small, using only what they need, but quickly expand with more capabilities and higher performance. The offering is hosted and fully managed by Liferay so that companies don’t need extra investments in IT operations to use the technology.

Liferay Experience Cloud highlights include:

  • One Platform - full suite of DXP capabilities, including web content, digital assets, low code applications, custom objects, commerce, returns management, self-service knowledge base, analytics, personalization, and search.
  • Always Up-to-Date - automatically updated to the latest version of Liferay Digital Experience Platform, to make new capabilities available on a regular basis to business and technical teams.
  • Flexible and extensible - supports low code creation of custom sites and content, low code customization of users and accounts, low code creation of custom business objects, back-end integration via connectors and cloud-native APIs, and deployment of remote custom code using any programming language, including Python, GO, Java and Javascript.
  • Support for Designers - define Style Books to enforce brand and user interface standards; build fully custom sites using HTML/CSS/Javascript.
  • Support for Front-end Developers - front-end Developers can use popular frameworks (React), backend-for-frontend (GraphQL), or REST APIs.
  • Enterprise Grade Security - top tier DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) protection & WAF (Web Application Firewall) capabilities available.
  • User Data Protection Regulations and Governance -Native platform capabilities to support a company’s implementation of GDPR compliance and similar data protection regulations.
  • Resilience - proactive monitoring for outages and automated disaster recovery processes ensure high availability of applications to customers.
  • Autoscaling - automatically scales in response to spikes in usage.

In addition to the fully managed version of Liferay Experience Cloud, Liferay also offers self-managed or self-hosted versions, providing the flexibility to choose an infrastructure option that fits the unique needs of their business. Liferay Experience Cloud is immediately available. For more information, please visit:

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