Red Sea Global elevates digital customer experiences

Powered by Liferay’s cloud platform, enhanced website offers a glimpse into the attractions of the developer’s luxury tourism destinations

Liferay Inc., the leading provider of enterprise-level, cloud-powered digital platforms, has strategically collaborated with Red Sea Global (RSG), the developer behind the regenerative tourism destinations The Red Sea and Amaala in Saudi Arabia, to revamp its digital presence. RSG, in partnership with Liferay, has redefined its web-based customer experiences to an unprecedented scale.

This digital transformation aligns with the Kingdom’s vision for innovation, facilitating efficient end-to-end customer journeys. The enhanced digital experiences are powered by Liferay’s advanced cloud computing solution – Liferay DXP PaaS, showcasing the integration of technology and luxury at The Red Sea destination. The enhanced platform reflects RSG’s unwavering commitment to elevating customer experiences.

Sultan Moraished, Group Chief Cybersecurity, Data, and Business Excellence Officer at RSG, said, “Our digital platform is often the first window for those interested in our ambitious tourism destinations and supporting businesses, whether tourists, prospective partners and employees, or anyone seeking out information.

“Our goal is to set new global standards in responsible development, going above and beyond to not only protect the natural environment, but to enhance it for future generations to come. Our digital platform is key to achieving this, showing how we’re performing against these ambitions and encouraging likeminded organizations to support us in our mission.”

Moussalam Dalati, General Manager, MEA and France, Liferay, emphasized the significance of this collaboration, saying, “Saudi Arabia’s mega projects are poised to blend technology and luxury seamlessly. As organizations worldwide strive to meet growing expectations for seamless experiences and accessible information, these destinations are anticipated to redefine the fundamentals of luxury and innovation. Liferay is committed to lead customers towards this digital era, driven by dynamic and agile experiences while contributing to the realization of Vision 2030 and positioning Saudi Arabia among the world’s finest.”

Visitors and tourists can visit for valuable trip planning resources, while provides insights into the driving force behind one of the world’s most ambitious tourism projects.

The modernization effort aligns with the objectives of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, emphasizing the role of digitization in Saudi Arabia’s transformation. It underscores the commitment to enhancing experiences through advanced technologies and prioritizes customer journeys in the country’s strategic initiatives. The high-speed platforms, powered by Liferay DXP PaaS, combines a robust content management system (CMS) with a personalization engine and digital asset management (DAM). It combines cutting-edge, fully secure, and integrated digital services.

About Red Sea Global

Red Sea Global (RSG - is a closed joint-stock company wholly owned by the Public Investment Fund (PIF) of Saudi Arabia.

RSG is a global multi-project developer, seeking to lead the world towards a more sustainable future, showing how responsible and development can uplift communities, drive economies, and enhance the environment. The protection of natural capital is central to all development decisions, as the organization seeks to create a better future for all.

A cornerstone of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 ambition to diversify its economy, RSG is playing a key role in transforming the nation, by creating exciting opportunities for young Saudi talent and the private sector, as it develops built assets and destinations across multiple sectors that make a positive impact for people and planet.

RSG is the visionary company behind some of the world’s most ambitious development ventures, including luxury regenerative tourism destinations such as The Red Sea, Amaala and Thuwal Private Retreat. It has also been entrusted with refurbishment works at Al Wajh Airport, focused on upgrading the existing terminal and infrastructure, and building a new international terminal.

Across its portfolio, RSG leverages the most innovative concepts, strategies, and technologies to deliver projects.


Liferay 可帮助企业在全球最灵活的数字体验平台 (DXP) 上创建、管理和扩展功能强大的解决方案,从而帮助企业面向未来进行建设。 Liferay 开源的 DXP 为营销和商务网站、客户门户网站、企业内部网等的开发提供了便利,在全球范围内受到多个行业超过千家公司的信赖。 在 上了解我们如何利用技术与企业共同改变世界。

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