Liferay Creates the Veritas Group's Digital User experience

The Veritas Group, which specializes in waste collection and disposal services and water management, has improved the digital experience for users of SOL, the online customer service counter, with the Liferay DXP platform
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Key Takeaways

  • A self-service portal to make processes and operations faster and easier - Veritas Group users can manage a wide range of services independently through optimized digital services with effective, user-friendly functions. There has been a sharp rise in registered users since the project began, with an average of 1,000 new sign-ups per week over the past year.  
  • New features for multiple management - Individual citizens can now sign up faster through email, with several user codes associated with each user for multiple management.
  • Saving time for users and business - Strong digitization optimizes every aspect of processes. Citizens can now input data quickly without needing to physically go to customer service counters. The Veritas Group has also reduced customer service and support costs, so employees can focus on core business activities. 
  • Effectiveness, efficiency, flexibility, and scalability - The customer journey can be personalized by user type and point of contact. Technology can also be integrated with external APIs to provide and add information and services from different systems in the future.


The Veritas Group (Veneziana Energia Risorse Acque Territorio Ambiente Servizi) is a multi-utility with entirely public capital, the second largest in the Veneto region and one of the largest in Italy in terms of size and turnover. It deals with waste collection and disposal and water management for over 600,000 users who have at least one active service contract across 51 municipalities between the provinces of Venice and Treviso.

To meet the high demand for digital services and the steady rise in operational costs, Veritas decided to redesign its self-service website by digitizing more services, optimizing the user experience, and reducing internal customer service costs. 


To develop a seamless customer experience that meets today's digital needs means:
  1. Upgrading digitization for a customized user experience - The new solution provides customers with a personalized, multi-channel digital experience for simple, self-service online operations.
  2. Implementing a new optimized customer website - The Veritas Group launched a digital innovation project to develop a new website, SOL, the company's Online Counter, for a modern customer experience.
  3. Meeting customer expectations - Customers now have effective tools that make activities and processes easier that meet the expectations of increasingly digital users.
We needed to create an innovative portal to give citizens new automated services that make their online experience simpler, with easy operations that can be done completely independently, and without needing to go to a physical customer service counter, saving them time and effort.”
Giulia Ruzzante,
Project Manager gruppo veritas


 To develop this solution, the Veritas Group relied on the expertise of Intesys, a company specializing in developing and implementing software projects and state of the art digital solutions, a Liferay Silver Partner.

After carefully analyzing available solutions, the Veritas Group chose the Liferay DXP open-source platform, which helps create an optimized and personalized user experience through a wide range of useful tools and technologies.
Thanks to the valuable support of Intesys, we chose Liferay because it is a highly scalable, interoperable and open platform that was ideal for our need for ongoing innovation.”
Giulia Ruzzante,
Project Manager gruppo veritas
The project was developed to meet customers' real needs, with a Design to Deliver approach, combining service design with reliable, scalable, and flexible technology. We applied our digital service and user-driven design expertise to enable the Veritas departments involved to join forces on a highly innovative project.”
Aessandro Caso,
digital director intesys

The Benefits

Creating an optimized portal means citizens can access all the services available on one easy, user-friendly website, where they can do everything online without any physical travel. This has resulted in:
  • An optimized multichannel citizen experience through fast, agile online services
  • High profiling that allows the Veritas Group to customize communications based on the type of user and the point of contact 
  • Scalability and flexibility that's future-proof, with the possibility of integrating new features and ongoing design
  • A sharp rise in user sign-ups, with an average of 1,000 new sign-ups per week over the past year 
  • Optimized operational management time for users
  • 20% fewer calls to the call center for operations available from SOL 
Automating and digitizing processes and services has allowed us to simplify and increase the range of online services for citizens and to strengthen relationships with them, through personalized communications and content that meet their needs in the best possible way. Thanks to the flexibility of the Liferay platform, we are also ready to deal with any new digital needs that arise.”
Giulia Ruzzante,
project manager gruppo veritas