Portal and Intranet Solutions for Government & Public Sector in Australia

Federal, state and local government in Australia has embraced digital transformation. Citizens expect digital services that are efficient and easy to use and make transacting with government simpler. Liferay Digital Experience Platform helps deliver affordable digital solutions and a better overall experience for citizens and public sector workers:

  • Integrating mission-critical legacy systems with modern interfaces and applications
  • Offering cost-effective, reusable solutions supported by a modular architecture
  • Providing a secure, reliable platform for digital transformation

Use Cases

Public Website CMS

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) used Liferay to build a CMS to provide school students, teachers and parents with access to an online library of educational resources aligned to the Australian curriculum. With more than 4000 pieces of content including videos, games and programs the site is visited more than 18,000 times on any school day. ABC Education chose Liferay because of the light-weight, open standard web platform and flexibility to enable rapid development with many features such as social media capabilities, supported out of the box.

Human Resources Portal

My Navy Portal is an essential part of the United States Navy helping its sailors manage their careers throughout their military service. It consolidates online human resources, education and training information in an interface that is personalized according to preferences and rank.

Online Collaboration Platform

Knowledge Hub is a digital collaboration and knowledge sharing platform for anyone working in or across the public sector. Using Liferay DXP Knowledge Hub provides digital collaboration tools to over 140,000 members in 2,000 communities across education, health, housing, police and fire services. It began primarily for UK local government, but has since evolved to be used by public sector professionals across Europe and beyond now with membership spanning 80 countries. Membership includes those working in the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK to groups set up to help settle Syrian refugees.

State & Local Use Cases

Search and Content Management

An initiative of the United States Federal Government - provides a centralised location for grant seekers to find and apply for federal funding opportunities. The platform also enables people to work together on applications and submit them directly through the site. Today, vets grant applications for 26 federal grant-making agencies. 300,000 completed applications are submitted to annually for over 1,000 grant programs and $410+ billion annually. It sends over 1 million email notifications and receives over 4 million page views weekly.

Digital Self-Service Portals

All levels of government have the difficult task of providing services to citizens as budgets are being squeezed and there’s greater pressure to optimise spending. Bristol City Council recognised that the most cost efficient and effective way to provide access to services was to provide a digital service so good people preferred to engage online. To achieve this the entire customer journey, end-to-end is tracked so council’s customer service staff have a single view of the process. Because user interactions can originate from anywhere the service is designed with the mobile user in mind with responsive design ensuring a consistent user journey irrespective of device.

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Victoria State Government

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Open standards and open source digital experience platforms, backed by an enterprise subscription, can bridge silos and foster collaboration between departments to deliver a seamless experience. What role has this played within the Australian public sector?
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Department of the Citizen

The true value of digital transformation comes from collating citizen experiences from the entire digital landscape

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