Engage customers and drive conversions, one customer at a time

Turn visitors into customers with a flexible platform that allows you to build personalized websites at scale.

Speed Up Go-To-Market

AGIA Launches 300+ Websites in 9 Months with Liferay DXP

Less Time Required
Members Served
Client Websites Developed
Site Management

Launch, Manage, and Measure Your Sites Faster

Help your teams launch branded digital experiences faster with multi-site management capabilities and other time-saving tools.

Rapid Site Setup

Launch branded sites, microsites, and landing pages quickly with pre-built template, style books, and site duplication features.

Content Creation

Create, manage, and organize web content faster and more efficiently using Liferay's analyst-recognized Content Management System.

Global Localization

Localize sites by country, language, time zone, currency and more.

Data-Driven Insights

Use behavior, site, and asset metrics to measure what’s working on your site and identify improvement areas.

A/B Testing

Improve landing page conversions with automated A/B testing.


Create More Personalized Websites

Engage with your audience more effectively through content and experiences that are personalized, relevant, and easily accesible.

Personalized Content

Display personalized content, messages, offers, and recommendations based on visitor attributes like location, behavior, and more.

Dynamic Layout

Dynamically change page layout based on the user viewing the page.

Product Guidance

Help customers find the right information faster with tailored product catalogs, faceted search, and guidance from integrated chatbots.

Multi-Channel Access

Enable customers to access your website anytime on their preferred channel, device, or browser.

Lead Capture

Capture, Nurture, and Convert More Relevant Leads

Drive more visitors to your site and convert them into paying customers.

SEO Optimization

Deliver more relevant traffic from search engines with on-page SEO tools that help optimize your content for search.

Lead Management

Capture more leads and route them to the right teams with intelligent forms and automated workflows.

Lead Nurturing

Nurture leads by delivering relevant content through blogging tools and a robust CMS.

Product Trials

Enable product-led growth initiatives that let users register and try a product before they buy.

Boost Conversion

Convert visitors into paying customers by enabling built-in commerce features and integrating with external ordering platforms.

Marketing Efficiency

Streamline Digital Marketing Operations

Connectors, integration tools, or OpenAPIs give you the flexibility you need to connect to your CRM, MAP, or other marketing tools.

Form to CRM

Enhance lead management by routing data from your website forms directly to your CRM for follow up.

CRM Data Capture

Improve lead scoring and segmentation by capturing website activity in your CRM/MAP.

Personalized Journeys

Personalize customer journeys with content that’s tailored to each customer based on their actions.

Automated Workflows

Automate marketing workflows such as sending out nurture emails, registering customers for special events, or subscribing users to your blog.


Scale Enterprise Website Operations Quickly and Securely

With our enterprise cloud platform, you can focus on running your business while we maintain your Liferay DXP application and take care of all of your hosting needs.

Cloud Reliability

Ensure reliability with managed cloud services and performance monitoring.


Auto-scale to meet peak traffic demands.

Product Testing

Test production rollouts to make sure everything works correctly.

Data Security

Protect sensitive data with industry-leading security features and automatic security updates.

Cross-Industry Effectiveness with Liferay

Organizations in manufacturing, financial services, government and other industries use Liferay to engage leads and turn them into customers.

Financial Services

Conversions increase by 30% for prestigious European bank

Increase in Customer Conversion
Month Implementation
Years of Experience


See how Mueller increased RFQs by 163% with new website

Registered Users
Quote Increase
Page View Increase


Grant.gov consolidates 17 sites into one to reduce licensing and labor costs

Increase in Search Use
Page Hits per Week
Legacy Solution Consolidated

Deliver Tailored Websites with Liferay DXP

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