Liferay signs partnership with Sandstone Technology to deliver digital transformation solution to Financial Services sector

The Liferay and Sandstone Technology combination creates a comprehensive platform on which to roll-out a superior digital experience to Financial Services customers

SYDNEY, Australia - (29 July, 2016) - Liferay Australia Pty Ltd, which helps companies to create digital experiences on web, mobile and connected devices, today announced it has signed a partnership withSandstone Technology (Sandstone) a leading provider of Customer Onboarding, Product and Loan Origination, Digital Banking, Mobile Banking and Personal Financial Management solutions.

Liferay's Digital Experience Platform (DXP) and the deployment of Sandstone's Responsive Internet Banking solution, plus the integration of existing systems, enables Financial Services organisations to provide hyper personalised targeted customer experiences throughout the Digital Banking customer journey.

"One of the biggest challenges in delivering exceptional customer experience is the ability to effectively integrate back-end systems, according to Forrester this is the number one technical barrier for digital customer experience initiatives. Our partnership with Sandstone gives organisations the benefits of Sandstone's innovative and tailored solutions backed by Liferay's world leading open source platform and flexible architecture," said Adrian Johnson, General Manager, Liferay Australia Pty Ltd.

As customer’s expectations for more personalised and omnichannel interactions increase, a platform to draw information from each touchpoint can streamline the process of identifying pain points or gaps in communication, which can then be leveraged to improve digital experiences.

"Sandstone and our Financial Services customers across the globe are excited about the opportunity to deliver best of breed digital internet banking experiences for consumers. Leveraging Liferay's Digital Experience Platform, allows our customers to manage their own environment, edit and target content on the fly, exploiting hyper personalisation services and audience targeting. This new platform recognises the importance of providing a superior customer experience across digital channels. Delivering a frictionless omni-channel banking experience is at the core of what we do at Sandstone and this new digital banking platform is truly a powerful proposition for banks and building societies," Sam Plowman, CEO Sandstone Technology.

A propos de Liferay

Liferay aide les organisations à relever leurs défis uniques en créant des expériences innovantes, orientées client sur sa plateforme d'expérience numérique (DXP) déployée dans le cloud. Cette plateforme est open source, ce qui la rend plus fiable et sécurisée. Liferay est utilisé par des milliers d'entreprises à travers le monde dans des secteurs aussi variés que la finance, la banque, l'assurance, la fabrication, la santé, et le secteur public. Notre objectif est d'aider les entreprises à atteindre leur plein potentiel pour servir les autres et de fournir le meilleur service, tout en essayant de laisser une empreinte positive sur le monde grâce à nos activités et à notre technologie. Pour plus d'informations, rendez-vous sur

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About Sandstone Technology

Sandstone Technology is a leading and rapidly growing Fintech company. Sandstone develops and deploys world class customer onboarding and product origination solutions, as well as digital banking solutions such as internet banking, mobile banking and personal financial management products to more than 30 financial institutions globally. With a team of close to 400 people across the UK, Asia and Australia. Our team of highly skilled developers, business professionals and customer experience experts are constantly evolving our platforms, ensuring that they are market leading. Since the company was established in 1996, Sandstone quickly earned a reputation for innovation, quality and successful deliveries which continues to launch our expansion into new markets.


Liferay Australia Pty Ltd:
Sarah Heiniger
Marketing Manager
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Sandstone Technology:
Linda Stanojevic
Chief Product and Marketing Officer
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