ORIX India Drives Up Customer Conversions with New Website

Leasing and financial services company ORIX India built a self-service website for prospects and customers that enables them to find what they need.
+ Efficency
customer efficiency
- Cost
Cost reduction
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Key Takeaways

  • Efficiency and Time Savings.
    • 24/7 Accessibility
    • Faster Processes
    • Automated Workflows
  • Cost Reduction.
    • Paperless Operations
    • Resource Optimization
  • Improved Customer Experience.
    • Personalization
    • Ease of Transactions
    • Comparison Shopping
    • Instant Information
  • Seamless Integrations with Other Platforms.
    • ​​​​​​​Ease of Integration with Third-Party as well as Core Financial System​​​​​​​


ORIX India is a subsidiary of Japan-based diversified and multinational group active around the world in leasing, financing, private equity investment, asset management, real estate, renewable energy investment, and automobile-related services.


 Without a digital platform for their car leasing business, ORIX India encountered these challenges:
  1. Limited reach to a broader audience and reduced visibility.
  2. Time-consuming manual and paper-based processes.
  3. Weak customer engagement.
  4. Limited data insight.
  5. A lack of customer convenience.


After evaluating multiple products in the industry, ORIX India selected Liferay DXP as their preferred digital platform. With the assistance of educational resources and the Liferay community, ORIX India created a self-service portal. Post-implementation, this self-service portal has revolutionized ORIX India's interactions with prospects and customers.

Here are a few of Liferay’s key features that ORIX India has implemented:
  • Web content management: The marketing team uses web content management to make changes to the website easily.
  • Forms: Forms capture user details when creating a proposal.
  • Workflows: With workflows, ORIX India has been able to automate key business processes.
  • User management: ORIX India has created multiple types of users who can access the portal in unique ways.
  • Roles and permissions: Roles and permissions help ORIX India manage who has access to what content.
Our new Leasing Portal has transformed customer interaction, serving as a self-service gateway that not only enhances the customer experience but also delivers tangible benefits. Liferay DXP serves as a multifaceted platform that has started yielding remarkable outcomes for ORIX India.
Harvinder Gandhi
Group cio, orix India


The new website acts as a self-service portal, providing customers with a great experience.

Here are a few benefits of the portal:
  • Customers can self-service entirely online. They can request and generate quotes, compare cars using different filters, create and manage their accounts, and make payments.
  •  Multiple types of users are supported.  Retail, corporate, and partner users can all access a distinct, tailored experience.
  • Car pricing happens in realtime. The portal integrates with realtime APIs to populate the latest car data on the portal.
  • Back-end systems are integrated smoothly. Liferay integrates well with ORIX India's other back-end systems, streamlining processes.
  • Business teams can manage tasks easily. ORIX India can handle quotes, contracts, lead generations, and records with efficiency.
With so many capabilities at hand for both customers and internal teams, ORIX India has already seen some great results:
  1. Higher customer efficiency. Customers can self-service much faster on their own.
  2. Improved visibility. Internal teams have gained greater insight into how the platform is performing.
  3. Lower costs for service teams. With a decrease in customer calls, sales and support teams can better manage their priorities.
  4. Lower maintenance costs. ORIX India was able to consolidate applications and reduce redundancies.
  5. Increased customer conversion rate. Now that the entire customer journey is personalized and seamless, more prospects are becoming customers.
For the future, ORIX India plans to continue using Liferay to build out the leasing journey on the website and to bring additional services into their solution as well.