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What You’re Missing for an IDEA Compliant Website
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What You’re Missing for an IDEA Compliant Website

A robust technical foundation is needed for an IDEA compliant website.

Federal agencies are being held to the same standards of engaging digital experiences as those found on consumer sites. With the 21st Century Integrated Experience Act (IDEA), it’s mandatory that these agencies present their website as a helpful and intuitive touchpoint for citizens.

“Government exists to serve citizens, and this bill ensures government leverages available technology to provide cohesive, user-friendly online services that people around this country expect and deserve.”

Specifically, the Act requires all executive branch agencies to:

  • Modernize their websites
  • Digitize services and forms
  • Accelerate use of e-signatures
  • Improve the citizen experience
  • Standardize and transition to centralized shared services

What’s Still Missing? 

In order to meet these requirements, there’s a foundational element that most agencies have yet to address: their technical foundation.

Many are often hindered by legacy systems that lack robust integration capabilities. This means that they struggle with fragmented and incomplete data that prevents operational efficiency and the delivery of seamless citizen experiences, causing frustration for both citizens and government employees.

Additionally, the lack of integration means that: 

  • Citizens will receive less personalized and relevant experiences 
  • Staff will have a hard time publishing and managing content and information 
  • Agencies will have a harder time modernizing their websites as technologies and citizen needs continue to evolve 

Without a proper technological foundation, no new features will help to improve the experience. The website experience can only be as good as the backend that supports it. 

What government agencies need to do is invest in a digital experience platform (DXP).

The Verdict is In: You Need a DXP

Simply put, a DXP is an integrated piece of technology that makes it possible for government agencies to: 

  • Build multiple solutions on one platform, including an IDEA compliant website, an engaging intranet, and more 
  • Bridge modern and legacy technologies to work together seamlessly 
  • Integrate outside applications and systems so that everything is in one place 
  • Manage, store, and share digital assets easily 
  • Deliver personalized and effective citizen experiences at multiple touchpoints throughout their entire journey 

With a DXP, agencies not only have access to a wide range of tools and APIs, combining data on a single, modern digital platform, but also can draw from a library of advanced capabilities to create relevant interactions. 

Learn more about the technological foundation needed to help agencies not only succeed in building IDEA compliant websites, but also deliver better citizen experiences.

How to Improve Digital Citizen Experience

A website is only one touchpoint in a citizen's digital journey. Explore how to transform your entire agency’s digital experience with this infographic.

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