The update facility [content] and stability of the tool are some of the benefits provided in the Liferay Portal.
Kleber Linhares
CIO of Azul Linhas Aéreas Brasileiras

Azul Linhas Aéreas Brasileiras, the third largest airline company in Brazil, in 2012 created an innovative relationship program on the Liferay platform. Before moving to Liferay Portal, the frequent flyer program, TudoAzul, which currently has over 2 million customers, had been challenged by the volume of hits and struggled to gain visibility and recognition in its market.


Creating a Customer Portal like TudoAzul was a big challenge because besides requiring multiple functionalities, there was a large volume of data that needed to be integrated and managed. Because it is a B2C accessed by millions of users, security, stability and scalability were key requirements. The management of confidential information generated more responsibility as well as personal data, information on credits, and vouchers, among other applications available through the portal.

It is also important to mention that managing the relationship with the client on the portal was a major challenge. In addition to raising customer awareness of the existence of the portal, Azul sought a solution in which the customer felt at ease when navigating the site.

In addition to all matters relating to clients, it was important to consider the employees who would manage portal content. Therefore, any organizational changes that the implementation of a new tool would bring was an item that was taken very seriously.


Workflow functionality, Drag and Drop, among others, make Liferay Portal easy to use and its implementation was well accepted by the staff of Azul. Furthermore, the stability of the portal generated credibility and trust for employees associated with the project.

Another challenge, perhaps most important, was the Customer Relationship Management has been well studied and solved by two solutions:

  • Customization - The tool allows the Liferay Portal to be highly customizable, and it was well-crafted for the page to be customized.
  • Easy to use - The entire platform was developed for the customer to feel completely at ease and to experience no problems while accessing the All Blue.

With Liferay Portal, Azul was able to scale an application quickly and with stability and all the challenges of infrastructure and development were properly resolved through tests that were performed from the beginning to the end of the project.

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