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Cloud Migration to Drive Time-to-Market and Scalability for New Online Services

Carrefour Financial Solutions, using Liferay's PaaS solution, currently operates an institutional portal with considerable capacity for integration, flexibility, and stability for both clients and prospects.
1 Week
To migrate two portals to the cloud
96% Reduction
in consulting times with a cloud-based approach
16x Faster
Deployment times by adopting cloud-based approach
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Key Takeaways

  • A hub for both clients and prospects. The Carrefour Financial Solutions institutional portal, in addition to providing the whole of information available concerning financial solutions available for its audience, also acts as hub in terms of integrating various websites.
  • Scalability as a competitive advantage. By adopting Liferay's PaaS offering (Liferay Experience Could Self-Managed), the financial institution achieved better time-to-market with respect to new online product launches, thereby providing clients with new services and solutions.
  • A secure portal with no down time. Liferay Experience Cloud SM provided the company and its clients with the reliability they required, issuing updated security fix packs with a significant reduction in portal down times. 


Carrefour Financial Solutions was founded in 2007 with the goal of providing financial products which are crucial to its clients' daily lives. The company is a member of the Carrefour Group, the only retailer with its own bank in Brazil and one of the largest credit card issuers in the country.

In 2013 Carrefour Financial Solutions was faced with the challenge of developing a new Financial Portal with self-service features for both its clients and new prospects. The main goal was to offer greater ease of use to customers and reduce Customer Care Center costs.

The original solution was built using Liferay Portal 6.1 and the underlying technology was able to bring about a number of improvements for the bank such as:
  1. Integration with systems already in place. 
  2. Flexibility and support to meet new demands and business growth.
  3. Agility and reduced project development time due to native platform functionalities.  


While the portal possessed robust enough on-premise technology, the bank once again had to deal with new challenges concerning its container management platform. The process of creating and restoring backups was quite complex, placing the portal at risk in the event of the unexpected happening. Security and stability were always non-negotiable for Carrefour Financial Solutions, so in order to implement a new standard in this respect the on-premise portal would have to be migrated to the cloud.


Once again, Liferay's Global Services were available to assist during a crucial moment for the organization, successfully migrating Liferay DXP to Liferay Experience Cloud Self-Managed, Liferay's PaaS offering. With this next reiteration of modernizing the portal, Carrefour is now able to:  
  1. Easily backup the portal since it now only requires just a single click within any environment.
  2. Autoscale for additional flexibility and security for periods of increased traffic.
  3. The ability to directly manage the solution life cycle with integrated CI/CD and increased CPU for production environments, providing ease of use and saving time and energy for the institution's IT team.
  4. New cloud time-to-market, with 2 group portals successfully migrated to the cloud in just 1 week. At present the Carrefour Financial Solutions, Atacadão and APAG Maquininha portals are all on Liferay.
Additionally, cloud-based solutions cut down on consulting times by 96%, with portal deployment decreasing from 4 hours (when it was Liferay Portal) to less than 10 minutes.  
The Liferay advisory team gave us the solutions we needed for the online challenges we faced. They have become a truly valued long-term partner."
IT Team, Carrefour Soluções Financeiras


The partnership between Carrefour Financial Solutions and Liferay has being going strong for virtually a decade now. In this time, monitoring changes in the technology market was the link to drive continuous improvements in the institutional portal, providing a time-to-market capable of keeping up with all new services being launched. The institution intends on launching a further two new portals in 2022, with the Liferay team providing full support once again for a successful undertaking.