Scale and manage your solutions efficiently and securely in the cloud

Leverage Liferay DXP with a cloud offering that works for your business

Virgin Media O2 Site Stops Security Threats and Scales to Meet Demand

Liferay’s cloud platform brings stability to self-service portal even when traffic spikes by 15x.

Scaling Capabilities
Month Migration
of Customers Served

Liferay’s cloud platform brings stability to self-service portal even when traffic spikes by 15x.

Liferay knows that each company has a unique journey to the Cloud. We’re ready to support any deployment strategy you prefer.

Liferay SaaS

Let Liferay manage the infrastructure and Liferay DXP application, so you can focus on what matters to your business.

Liferay PaaS

Have full control over managing Liferay on cloud infrastructure optimized for our platform.

Liferay Self-Hosted

Deploy and manage Liferay on your existing public cloud, private cloud, or on-premise infrastructure.


Launch on a Solid Infrastructure

Our cloud infrastructure is built on world-class technology to ensure business continuity and excellent performance.


Autoscaling allows your site to scale capacity automatically to account for sudden increases in traffic to you site.

Service Layer

Liferay Cloud uses the GCP POP Network and the GKE Ingress to improve web traffic coming from ISP networks, providing a sophisticated form of DDoS protection, CDN, load balancing, and WAF.

Environment Layer

Liferay Cloud uses Kubernetes to automate, scale, and manage service Docker container images, enabling flexible traffic access.


Rely on enterprise-grade security for your mission-critical solutions

The Liferay team approaches the development of products and solutions with a Secure by Design approach.

Certification Standards

Liferay's certification program includes ISO 27001/ 27017/ 27018, SOC 2 Type 2, HIPAA, and CSA STAR Level 2.

High Availability

Liferay commits to a monthly availablity (MA) of 99.95% for the Liferay Cloud Infrastructure.

Cloud Security

Our Security Committee ensures all best practices are being followed while driving the improvement of our security program.

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