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SkyTV Nets 153% More Streaming Subscribers with Revamped Liferay Website

Digital broadcaster and telecom provider SkyTV challenged industry disruptors with their own streaming service on a redesigned, scalable website harnessing the power of Liferay DXP Cloud.
Increase in Streamers
Cart Acquistion
Less Customer Calls
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Key Takeaways

  • Pivoting in the midst of widespread industry change ensures relevance. 
    With SkyTV’s website refresh and focus on streaming subscriptions, they’ve seen a 27% increase in total customers and a 153% increase in streaming subscribers.
  • Tracking user behavior allows businesses to improve the user experience.
    SkyTV was able to leverage user data gathered on Liferay DXP to see where users were stalling. SkyTV used segmentation and personalization to deliver relevant content to users, and that, combined with new self-service options, has meant cart acquisition has doubled.
  • Scaling is crucial for fast-paced, evolving markets.
    Previously, SkyTV deployed changes every three weeks, making scaling for special events difficult. Now, changes are deployed daily through Liferay DXP Cloud, and monitoring and high-availability environments ensure minimal downtime during peak hours.


SkyTV is a Top 30 New Zealand-based digital broadcaster and telecom provider connecting over 1 million customers and counting with the entertainment they love on any device they want. 
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Despite finding success as a Top 30 company, in the era of streaming services, SkyTV experienced a gradual decline in traditional satellite revenue. With competitors disrupting the market, SkyTV had to brainstorm how to adapt their business model.

SkyTV wanted to resolve these challenges:
  1. Their website was dated and kept users from making purchasing decisions. Other streaming services had websites with a simplified UI and modern functionalities that made it easy for users to find what they need, but SkyTV’s website didn’t meet increasing user expectations across the entire customer lifecycle.
  2. Call centers were burdened with customer complaints and inquiries. The website didn’t include robust self-service options, which meant call center operators had to field every customer question and complaint.
  3. A monolithic on-premise platform made scaling difficult. The existing CMS required slow, manual deployments and custom code, so maintenance was difficult and time-consuming, with deployments happening every three weeks. Special events, like PPV, saw an uptick in traffic that required easy scaling.
With DXP Cloud, [Sky can] scale automatically or on a schedule a lot quicker than we could do before.”
Jacques Hefer
Solution Architect for SkyTV


SkyTV had already been leveraging some content management capabilities from Liferay on their website, so the decision to migrate to Liferay DXP Cloud for simplified deployment and the possibility of business evolution made sense.

Intergen, part of the Liferay Partner Network, assisted SkyTV through the rollout process, which took only eight months and happened in two phases. Critical to the success of the implementation was the Getting Started with DXP Cloud Journey and an onsite Liferay Global Services consultant who supported platform and development teams.

SkyTV’s new website leverages a headless API that enables marketers to build content from one platform and deploy across multiple channels as well as segmentation and personalization so users can see relevant content based on what they’ve viewed previously. 


Post Liferay DXP Cloud implementation, SkyTV saw their total subscriber count increase to approximately 1 million in six months, a 27% overall bump and a 153% bump in streaming subscriptions alone.

More growth is on the horizon, as development and operations teams have become better aligned by following a DevOps model. This ensures that the IT team is more efficient and agile, able to meet business demands quickly.

SkyTV has also reaped the following benefits:
  1. Cart acquisition has doubled. The website redesign includes an enhanced UX, with a content display that’s always updated and easy to browse as well as new and existing subscriber add-ons.
  2.  34% fewer calls to the customer service center. A new section of the website for logged-in users called My Account offers self-service options for account management, purchases, and more.
  3. Auto scaling and an integrated CI/CD pipeline mean a faster time to market and better preparation for special events. Now development updates and content releases can happen 1-2 times per day, instead of once every three weeks. Scaling can be configured automatically or on a schedule, meaning SkyTV can meet increased demand during peak times.
With Liferay, SkyTV can continue offering their customers the ability to watch the entertainment they love and manage exactly what they want from their SkyTV subscription.