7 Best Practices for B2B Ecommerce Success

As B2B buyers grow more accustomed to making purchases online, they increasingly expect the same experience that they get from online retailers. However, B2B is not the same as B2C, and B2B sellers need to craft their digital commerce strategy with a careful eye to the needs of their buyers.
So then what makes a great B2B commerce experience?

You'll need to follow these 7 best practices for B2B ecommerce success:
  1. Simplify Catalog Navigation
  2. Offer Rich Product Content
  3. Make Reordering Easy
  4. Optimize for B2B Complexity
  5. Activate 24/7 Self-Service
  6. Empower Your Sales Reps
  7. Leverage Customer Insights
Learn more about each best practice and the technologies needed to accomplish each in this e-book.

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