Moving Away from an Outdated Solution

We reduced our release time and windows dramatically from where we were.

This customer is a global leader in data, analytics, and technology in the financial sector with a passion for serving individuals, businesses, and governments worldwide and empowering them to make forward-thinking decisions.

To help internal marketing teams accomplish this, the company’s digital asset management team manages licenses and access to marketing sites and applications. However, the team was on a legacy system that, when bought out by Oracle, no longer supported their platform. Their legacy system also had some major disadvantages. Fewer than 5% of their sites were mobile-ready. The publication process for both content and code took a long time: content took two days, and code pushes took 50 hours weekly.

The Liferay Difference

The team decided to replace their outdated system with Liferay because of the platform’s flexibility and functionality, in particular, how easy it is to manage and create sites and use workflows with publishing. Four separate teams at the company currently use Liferay.

The digital asset management team now has 70 domains built on Liferay with self-service capabilities. They’ve set up their sites so that management is mostly hands-off, and content creators are able to perform their day-to-day tasks with minimal IT involvement. Each site takes advantage of the Kaleo Workflow engine. This is especially useful for sites like their Terms of Use page, where the workflow has been set up so that if someone modifies it, the legal team gets an email and can check to see whether or not the change should go forward, be stopped, or rolled back to the previous iteration.

Five years after starting with Liferay Portal 6.1 and moving through successive Liferay versions, the team has upgraded to Liferay DXP 7.2 and now experiences even greater benefits. Unplanned outages have gone from 50 minutes/month under the legacy system to less than 30 minutes/year with Liferay. Content is published nightly through the staging environment, and code publishes take just two hours/sprint. In addition, every site and component is ready for mobile.

To learn more about how this organization uses Liferay to empower their digital asset management team, read the full case study.

Case Study
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