Delivering a Global Platform for Healthier Lifestyles with Liferay

The one technology that never really came up as a problem, the one technology that we didnʼt sit on weekends going, ʻwhy is this product not restarting, why is this message not appearing yet,ʼ was our Liferay portal.
Neil Adamson
Vitality Group, CIO

The Vitality Group is a health and wellness solutions provider dedicated to producing tangible and lasting results for both companies and individuals. The Vitality One platform is a tool designed for employers, insurance providers, brokers, and consultants to encourage healthy behavioral changes in their users by rewarding healthy habits.


Outgrowing a Heritage System

The Vitality program was originally built on a heritage system, but once Vitality’s business requirements changed, it became clear that they needed a new solution, Vitality One. As Chief Enterprise Architect Byron Munday explained, “The turnaround time in making changes to the system became a problem. Time to market was an issue.” Going live in just one country could take up to 18 months. In addition, a laborious translation process left room for error and costly cycles of revision.

Making a Global Impact with Liferay

As Vitality was researching other technology solutions, they came across Liferay. Liferay fit into their plans for making the Vitality One technology stack more open-source and micro-service oriented, with a low TCO compared to competitors.

Important in the ultimate decision to choose Liferay was Liferay’s self-service and localization options that would make rapid market expansion possible. In 2016, Vitality integrated Liferay DXP as a portal application into the Vitality One platform. The platform now enables businesses in countries around the world to track and customize health status and goals, reward incentivization, purchases, gamification, and partner integration. One incentive, for example, involves a unique program that makes it possible for users to pay for an Apple Watch by completing exercise goals.

Learn how Vitality was able to roll out the Liferay One platform to over 20 million users around the world by using Liferay DXP by reading the full case study.

Case Study
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