Integration Platforms

Bring Systems and Data Into One Place with Liferay DXP

Bring Legacy Systems Together for a Better Experience

Enterprises are struggling to manage the impact of having too many disparate and disconnected systems. By bringing legacy solutions into a unified system, companies save time and resources through eliminating silos, connecting databases and shortening business processes. Liferay DXP is a comprehensive software foundation that bridges the gap between the old and the new, in order to make complex processes convenient for their audiences.

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We are transforming the way digital business is performed by changing the way the data is brought together and personalised for the individual. Liferay is at the leading edge of enabling that.
Richard Phelps
Global Director, User Experience, Unisys

From Patchwork to Productivity

  • Modern User Experience

    Replace legacy systems with a modern platform that fuels digital transformation.

  • Built on a Leading DXP

    Create exceptional experiences for every audience with a comprehensive toolset that enables IT to focus on driving value through features and solutions for the business.

  • Liferay Workspace

    Develop features and solutions faster on a set of development tools specifically tailored to Liferay's products.

  • Fine-Grained Permissions

    Manage user access for services, digital assets and applications at every platform layer.

  • User and Identity Management

    Enable SSO with robust authentication that supports SAML, LDAP, OpenId, OAuth and more.

  • Document Management

    Keep assets organized and searchable with a full DAM system and integration with Elasticsearch.

  • Development Standards

    Liferay DXP is compliant with key development standards and security best practices.

  • Best-in-Class Integration

    APIs, web services, and messaging services make it easy to unite third-party software and legacy systems in order to create more productive experiences.

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Technology That Evolves With Your Strategy

Technology That Evolves With Your Strategy

Connect Siloed Systems and Data

Remove inefficiencies in communication and operations with shared document repositories and customised workflows that unite your business units.

Extend Legacy Systems

Liferay DXP is compatible with your current IT, allowing you to extend the value of your existing systems until your company is ready to fully transition to a modern platform.

Acquisitions and Mergers

Bring systems from acquisitions or mergers into one site that presents a consistent, personalised experience for your users.

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