Santalucía Group Connects Over 10,000 Employees Together

Building Employee Portal 'Connection' with Liferay DXP
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Within the framework of its digital transformation process, the Santalucía Group has deployed a new employee web portal called 'Connection' which operates as a controlled, unique, and integrated access point for the daily operations of its more than 10,000 employees. This is a multi-service, multi-device, and highly personalized portal which has made use of Liferay DXP technology.

The platform has made it possible to place the employee at the center of the company's strategy, delivering a more fluid access and distribution of information, tailored to each user profile. Empowerment, autonomy, and engagement are some of the key values that can be found in this project.

Key Points

The objective was to develop a flexible, modern, and functional portal that would respond to independent internal demands - mainly from the Human Resources and Marketing areas - and would make the daily operations of all the group's employees simpler and more agile.

The new portal also had to be aligned with the digital transformation strategy that the company has been implementing for the past two years and focused, among other things, on the following guiding principles: full online, minimum human intervention, integral customer vision, omnichannel, customer experience, and the cloud first technology model.

About Santalucía Group

This is a group of companies - insurance, financial and service - that offers a 360º service to each client. In addition to the comprehensive insurance company, Santalucía, with 100 years of history and the parent company of the group, has a dozen companies in the insurance business, asset management, wealth management, and care services. More than 10,000 employees and collaborators are integrated in this large group where the agency channel, characterized by a wide network of geographically dispersed offices, has a special relevance.


  • Increase employee engagement
  • Prioritize self-consumption and digitization of all operations
  • Centralize all services in a single point
  • Facilitate access to content and documentation
  • Improve the distribution of corporate information
  • Increase the level of interaction and engagement with employees
  • Improve time to market
We chose Liferay's open source technology to tackle this project because it provided us with a comprehensive and global response to all our needs, with no requirement overlooked. It also offered us flexibility, robustness, and security, complemented by autonomy, scalability, and reduced time to market, which allowed us to continue to evolve with the product"
Óscar Raya - IT Lead Liferay Corporate Portals


The 'Connection' project was implemented in 14 months with the support of Grupo ICA as a technology partner. 

In its implementation, priority was to focus on the usefulness for all the group's employees. At the same time, the project also still needed to respond to all internal communication needs as an essential and natural step in the company's digital transformation process.


'Connection' offers Santalucía Group employees a modern, functional, personalized employee portal with a wide range of integrated services where each home page is different for each user.

The integration, carried out via API, allows a high level of personalization, resulting in a user-friendly, accessible portal, where the user can locate a large amount of documentation and at the same time also make their own arrangements (travel, time, payroll), referring them if necessary to other applications from the same platform, but under the premise that "the employee can do everything from Connection".

The Santalucía Group highlights that one of the greatest benefits of the project is the capacity for autonomy it provides, as the generation of new content is automated and has allowed the business side to be decoupled from the technology side, empowering and improving the time to market for all the departments involved.