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Liferay helps Intralot to bring YourPlay to Victoria with the aim of reducing money spent on gambling.
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YourPlay is a Victorian State Government initiative, aimed at helping players to make informed decisions about their gaming machine use by allowing them to set limits on the time or money spent, and provides a live action summary on screen. The Victorian Department of Justice and Regulation, which advises on gambling policy and regulation, oversaw the development of the Pre-Commitment system on behalf of the Victorian State Government. Intralot Australia’s wholly owned subsidiary, Intralot Gaming Services Pty Ltd (IGS), was granted. 
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Victoria’s single electronic gaming machine (EGM) Monitoring Licence for 15 years in 2011 by the Minister for Gaming. Intralot provides data and information on gaming machines for regulatory and taxation purposes, and ensures Venue Operator obligations for player fairness
are being met.

Intralot’s bid to operate the Pre-Commitment scheme was successful and the YourPlay system went live in December 2015. The Victorian Department of Justice and Regulation regulates how the scheme is applied. Australia’s first state wide pre-commitment scheme, YourPlay, is helping thousands track the money and time they spend using gaming machines across Victoria, and in the Melbourne casino.

Of the 23,404 cards activated, 8130 have been registered and 15,274 are casual cards. Both cards allow users to limit their time and money, and track the total amount they spend on gaming machines anywhere in the state. More than 1730 users have set personalised messages to be displayed to them when they approach their playing limit.

“The pre-commitment scheme is a first for Australia and the preliminary statistics are encouraging,” said Minister for Consumer Affairs, Gaming and Liquor Regulation, Jane Garrett. 
The user experience, 100% up-time, and seamless integration are critical to the success of YourPlay and its ability to play a part in reducing problem gambling. Liferay is critical to the successful delivery of the positive user experience.
Benson Wairegi
IT Manager, Intralot


Intralot chose Liferay as the platform to deliver the YourPlay player interface based on Intralot’s experience internationally with Liferay. Liferay has proven system capabilities with a strong focus on the user experience. In addition, Intralot’s team wanted a system that delivered: integration with multiple systems, data security, high availability, load balancing, device independence, ease of use, and the ability to manage hundreds of thousands of ttransactions concurrently.

Every YourPlay player transaction on every gaming machine across Victoria is captured and recorded by YourPlay which must integrate gaming and hardware systems, monitoring systems and in-venue kiosks in order ensure up to date and accurate information is available to players 24/7.

“The user experience, 100% up-time and seamless integration are critical to the success of YourPlay and its ability to play a part in reducing problem gambling. Liferay is critical to the successful delivery of the positive user experience, said Steve Uren, IT Manager, Intralot Gaming Services Pty Ltd.

To register, people can go to and enter as much or as little information as they like and it is personalised to individuals and encrypted for security purposes.

“Many people who play gaming machines have a limit but they don’t always stick to it.
YourPlay helps people do that,” said Minister Garrett.


YourPlay users can see live action summaries tracking the money and time they spend on a display screen at the gaming machine whilst they are playing. Those who’ve set limits get reminders before and when they reach a limit. Players can generate statements about their play over a day, a week, a month or a year – using the online systems or by logging in to their account at kiosks in venues – plus, players can receive an annual statement.

“We genuinely don’t think we would have got the same quality outcomes on any platform other than Liferay. We have received excellent support from the Liferay team during the project and after go-live with the delivery of everything that was promised. Once our team got hold of Liferay it was very quick to deliver YourPlay because Liferay is so intuitive to use and just works! We believe this pre-commitment scheme is a leading solution globally” said Steve Uren.

The first of its kind in Australia the pre-commitment scheme is dedicated to harm minimisation in gambling and helping people affected by problem gambling as well as the wider community.

“Liferay is dedicated to investing in communities and serving others so to play a part in bringing YourPlay to the community and contribute to helping people struggling with gambling is something we’re really proud of. It also demonstrates the flexibility of the Liferay Digital Experience Platform, that businesses can create and manage personalised digital experiences to serve their customers, or, the public sector can deliver valuable digital innovations to citizens,” said Adrian Johnson, General Manager, Liferay Australia.