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Energy & Utilities

Digital Experience Solutions for Energy & Utilities Customers

In order to overcome the industry’s low customer satisfaction rates, businesses must improve their customer experience with intuitive and cost-effective digital solutions.

Digital Solutions to Streamline Customer Experiences

Self-Service Customer Portal
Increase customer loyalty and reduce cost-to-serve with a self-service portal that empowers customers to manage their own accounts, pay online, and solve problems without needing to contact a representative. 
Digital Workplace
Equip teams to better serve and engage with customers with a consolidated location to collaborate, access critical information, and simplify day-to-day tasks. 
Integration Platform
Connect all your data sources, machines, IoT, and backend systems to provide a unified view of accurate, real-time data on one platform. 
"This solution delivers an engaging user experience and homogenizes our complex back-end systems"
Deborah Banks, Director at Spire

Features Specifically Designed for the Energy and Utilities Industry

By leveraging Liferay, energy and utilities organizations can create customer-serving solutions that maintain compliance with complex and changing regulations.

Empower Customers to Serve Themselves
Customers can carry out their transactions at their convenience any time from anywhere. This not only reduces cost- and time-to-serve, but also increases customer loyalty and retention.
Provide a Consolidated Communication Hub
Facilitate communication with your customers on a single location that allows customers to access transactional information, receive general news and tips, and report incidents or issues on any device.
Integrate New and Old Systems 
Use Liferay, a platform recognized for its interoperability and flexibility, to unite existing core systems and technology to work alongside emerging technologies and future innovation.
Delivering an Omnichannel Experience
With Liferay, businesses can build and connect multiple solutions all on a single platform for better, more seamless experiences that increase operational efficiency. 
Store and Leverage Analytics
Make data easy and accessible for all users to understand customer behavior, monitor device performance, and pinpoint bottlenecks.
Automate Backend Processes  
It’s easy to build workflows to streamline and standardize processes for billing, support, and maintenance on Liferay. . 
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