Connecting Employees to Real-Time Data

We now have a platform we can build on and grow with for the next couple decades.
Steve Hutchins
Chief Engineer Manufacturing Information Systems, Aptiv

Aptiv is a global auto parts and technology leader in autonomous driving and connected cars. The company needed a connected platform to store all their production data that would be accessible by plant employees and manufacturing leaders at the site, regional and global levels. Aptiv used Liferay DXP to create a global manufacturing intelligence portal to support over 10,000 employees.


Driven by Data

As a leader in autonomous driving, Aptiv has always been at the forefront of smart mobility solutions. In 2015, they were the first company to accomplish an automated car drive from San Francisco to New York and in 2018 had a fleet of 30 autonomous vehicles with Lyft in Las Vegas. The quick pace of innovation in the automotive space requires Aptiv to constantly improve its manufacturing processes.

A key challenge was getting actionable data into the right hands at the right time. With over two million transactions about their products spread across the world, a lot of time was spent tracking down information and the location of the source rather than fixing problems. This challenging process ultimately pushed Aptiv to find a tool that would allow users to easily access data and locate the right information but also be able to draw actionable insights from that data. In order to remedy these issues, this tool needed to be a self-service portal that could be accessible anywhere at anytime while preserving data security.

Access to Data, Everywhere

Partnering with Youngsoft and using Liferay DXP, Aptiv created Aptiv Intelligence for its 10,000 users in manufacturing teams around the world. Aptiv Intelligence is a one-stop shop to get global manufacturing data and intelligence on any device anywhere. The employees on the floor at production plants would now have access to all the information produced through the portal and supervisors can check production efficiency on their devices through a native application. This new solution breaks down traditional silos to create an experience that allows employees to access information securely anywhere and at anytime. “People spend less time collecting data and more time doing something about it,” said Steve Hutchins.

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