Instructor-led Training

Content Creator

Create and manage content that engages your users and learn how to streamline publication.

Version DXP 7.2 | Length 2 Days

Key Takeaways
  • Create digital experiences
  • Develop strategies to organize content
  • Take control of business processes

Prossime lezioni

Cosa imparerai

  • Affascina i tuoi utenti

    • Coinvolgimento degli utenti con i contenuti

      • Edita i contenuti più facilmente con le nuove funzionalità di DXP 7.1, come inline editing e page fragment
    • Creating Reusable Page Structures with Page Templates

    • Getting Sites out to Market Quickly

      • Using Site Templates
    • Manage Site Configuration

  • Digital Asset Management

    • What are Assets?

      • Different Kinds of Assets
    • Organizing Assets with Metadata

    • Organizing Assets into a Folder Structure

    • Controlling Access to Assets

      • Make Sure Users Have the Right Access
    • Connecting with Existing Repositories

  • Automate and Optimize Content Publication

    • Streamlining Content Publication with Structures and Templates

    • Simplifying Content Updates and Page Creation

      • Using Page Fragments
    • Create Self-Publishing Pages

    • User Segments and Content Page Personalization

    • Content Sets and Personalization

  • Gain Insight on the User Journey

    • Gathering User Feedback

      • Using Forms
    • Evaluating User Feedback

    • Optimize Form Evaluation

      • Using Analytics Cloud
  • Manage Your Business Workflow

    • Business Review Processes

    • Kaleo Workflow Definitions

    • Preparing Pages and Content for Production

    • Business Process Considerations

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