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Why Become a Liferay OEM Partner

Liferay partners with 3rd party organizations enabling them to leverage our technologies to enhance existing solutions and co-innovate net new solutions solving business challenges.
Reduce Time to Market

OEM partners can get to market quicker utilizing Liferay's proven DXP solutions embedded into your solutions.

Focus on Core Strengths
OEM partners can focus their engineering efforts on designing their products and implementing the Liferay suite to enhance the customer experience. 
Increase Competitive Differentiation
A single solution for OEM partners to offer customers on their journey, before the competition.
Increase Solution Value and Revenue
Your solution becomes a one-stop solution for your customers; solving their needs quicker, allowing you to realize revenue faster.

About the Liferay Partner Program

Digital Transformation is changing how products are being sold and technology is enabling new and differentiated business models. In recognition of those changing business models, Liferay offers a flexible, but structured, annual subscription model for our OEM partners. In addition, Liferay provides OEM partners training materials and unlimited Liferay training.


How to Be a Successful Partner

Liferay believes a successful OEM partnership includes:

  • Liferay technology embedded, integrated or bundled with your product or service offering - providing a complete and seamless solution. 
  • Partner-Owned Intellectual Property on the complete value-add solution
  • The ability to technically support the complete solution, including the Liferay product

How We Support Our Partners

As a Liferay partner, you will be a trusted digital transformation expert across vertical markets. To enable your success, we are continually developing and expanding the benefits of our program. These benefits include: 

Extensive, unlimited training
Access to our copyright training documentation to share with end users

Achieve Greater Success Together

Liferay partners have expertise in digital experience platforms, creating websites and portals, and a deep knowledge in many of our target vertical markets. We invest in your success through education and training, joint lead development, sales support, and co-branded marketing programs.

Other Ways to Partner with Liferay