Liferay Portal CE

Construa seu projeto no Liferay Portal CE, apoiado pela comunidade e projetado para implementações menores e não críticas, que contribui para o desenvolvimento do Liferay.

Download do Liferay Portal CE 7.1 GA1


Observação: Se você vai utilizar o Liferay Portal CE em um ambiente standalone, nós recomendamos o download do bundle com Tomcat.

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Construa aplicações altamente escaláveis usando HTML, CSS e Javascript

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Liferay Connected Services

A new online platform that offers a set of tools and services that will help our customers succeed on their Liferay projects.

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Liferay Faces

Obtenha suporte para o padrão JavaServer Faces (JSF) dentro do Liferay DXP.

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Liferay Push

Liferay Push exposes a framework that lets developers send push notifications from Liferay DXP to native Android and iOS apps.

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Liferay Screens

A collection of fully native mobile components, using all the power of your Liferay DXP as an enterprise grade mobile back end.

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Liferay Sync

Compartilhe, conecte e gerencie arquivos com um simples arraste-e-solte

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Mobile SDK

Construa apps nativos para mobile que se integram com múltiplas plataformas.

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Additional Files

These files complement the main downloads and can be used to deploy Liferay to existing app server environments, or develop applications for the Liferay Platform.

Looking for older versions of these files? Find them on Sourceforge.

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Files For Developers

Liferay IDE is an Eclipse-based IDE for developing Liferay Plugins (portlets, themes, etc) with support for Liferay 6.1. Installation and Usage documentation is available .

Liferay Plugins SDK is a command-line driven Development environment for Portlets, Themes, and Layout Templates.

Web Services Client Java Stubs is for Liferay Services (SOAP, Spring Remoting)


Unzip and put them in the application server global classpath. Also see the files to integrate with external systems below for Workflow, CAS, Chat, etc.

Visit the Liferay Developer Network for more information

Download WARs

The unbundled Liferay web application (WAR files). Use this to deploy to an existing app server environment.

Application Server Plugins - Database Scripts

Contains scripts for all supported databases.


  • create-minimal-*.sql: deletes any existing data, creates the database, creates all necessary tables and indexes and loads the minimal necessary data
  • create-*.sql: does the same and additionally loads example data.

Learn more about the open source license for Liferay Portal Community Edition (CE).

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