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Société Générale

An innovative intranet portal for an optimal user experience

Societe Generale is one of the largest European financial services groups. In 2010, the Group launched a vast project to bring together its 169 intranet sites - 93 in French and 76 in English - on a single platform.

Facing an increase in traffic - 4 million page views per month - and a growing need for additional features, the Group decided to turn to a more efficient solution that would also keep costs down. Creating a new site also needed to be much easier and involve business teams.

Societe Generale now moved from 169 sites to 40 multilingual sites. Another development that has been warmly welcomed by users is that it now only takes 3 days to provide a new site, rather than a month.

In addition, the new 2.0 features offer an optimal user experience. The new version moves away from standard browsing to personalized and dynamic browsing.

Overhauling 169 intranet sites is no mean feat. The wide range of features offered by Liferay made it easier for users to accept the change and get to grips with the new solution. Also, its flexibility means we can now create a site in 3 days instead of one month.
François Dreuilhe
Head of the Web Department