Manufacturer Strengthened Organization Culture and Employee Productivity with a Digital Workplace in the Cloud 

Klabin enhanced digital employee experience and optimized infrastructure maintenance with Liferay. 
70+ Products
Available in the SOlution
90% Adoption 
and 95% User Satisfaction
14 Services
Added to the platform using sso
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Key Takeaways

  • A modern digital workplace increases employee engagement. 
    The new solution uses mobile apps and features designed for specific functions that make the user experience personalized, simple, and inclusive.
  • Reducing infrastructure responsibilities allows the IT team to remain focused on delivering solutions to the business. 
  • Being on the cloud and having a native DevOps stack, enabled the faster release of features, including 70 new services and integrations for employees, such as pay stubs, payroll loans, time and attendance mirrors, and much more.
  • Liferay allows for the digital workplace to be integrated with legacy systems, external platforms, and custom applications, including payroll, corporate calendars, news, and more.
  • Analytics and metrics of the platform allow for follow-up and immediate actions to match the preferences and digital journeys of each user.


With more than 23 thousand direct employees in 23 plants in Brazil and 1 in Argentina, Klabin is the biggest producer and exporter of packaging paper in Brazil. It is also the only company in the country to simultaneously supply the market with hardwood pulp (eucalyptus), softwood pulp (pine), and fluff pulp.


The existing digital workplace had a large and fragmented digital ecosystem, with less than 10% digital engagement. Request flows and services were mostly manual.
To revamp its digital workplace, Klabin wanted to:
  • Develop a channel to create and sustain the company's culture digitally and promote agile and organized communication for employees in the most varied functions, from skilled technical labor to the business area. In addition, it was necessary to connect with the most diverse Klabin units, both in Brazil and Argentina.
  • Select a platform to build a digital workplace and progressive mobile web apps (PWAs) that integrate with many internal systems, facilitating and digitizing processes and services for the employee.
  • Reduce the TCO and incorporate a consistent solution that would eliminate the need for an infrastructure team.
The My Klabin project brought positive results not only for internal communication, but also for IT and all other areas of the company. Among the main gains, we highlight the access of employees from operational areas to the tool and having visibility to news from all the units, improving engagement and internal alignment.  
Cátia Moreira
Klabin IT Consultant 


Recognized for 11 consecutive years as a Leader in Gartner's Magic Quadrant report, Liferay was Klabin's choice to be the secure platform for its digital workplace. 

To start the project, several analyses and processes were done such as interviews, online research, CSD matrix, consumption analysis, benchmarking and brainstorming sessions, to come up with the Minha Klabin concept. 

Klabin was able to leverage the functionality of Liferay DXP deployed on Liferay Experience Cloud Self-Managed (SM), Liferay's PaaS solution, to launch a new digital workplace that integrates with dozens of internal and external systems. The digital workplace features several progressive web apps, is scalable for increased demand, and does not require a team to maintain. With Liferay, Klabin was really able to build a solution that is more than just an intranet.

Today Liferay Experience Cloud SM acts as the primary authentication provider (IdP - Identity Provider) for 14 external applications, such as Service Now, Concur, SuccessFactors and Navita. In addition, some applications were made available via PWA, granting the end user offline access and push notifications. Klabin also uses Liferay's analytics capabilities to further evolve its digital workplace by generating detailed metrics on the ROI of projects, level of engagement, mapping of user profiles and more. 


Now, Minha Klabin offers services and content through an integrated digital ecosystem, with a personalized work experience to all its users, so they can communicate, collaborate, and be productive securely anytime, anywhere.

Klabin’s new digital workplace gives employees:
  1. Access to customized content per profile, allowing engagement with all the organization's profiles and units, including international units. In Argentina, 90% of the employees access the platform and view the content customized to their language.
  2.  A new user interface with responsive and adaptive experiences.
  3. Ability to login through any mobile device with PWA, even those with reduced storage capacity.
"We were able to implement single sign-on access in several services available on the platform, making it easier for employees to access and strengthening the tool as a major hub of relevant information," adds Cátia Moreira, Klabin's IT consultant. 


As Klabin looks to the future of their solution, they plan to leverage Liferay Experience Cloud SM’s functionality to enhance their portal and support new initiatives including Big Data dashboards and machine learning capabilities from Liferay Commerce. Klabin continues to look for ways it can improve the employee experience and how Liferay can partner alongside them to do so.