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A Coordinated Commerce Strategy for B2B Companies

Discover how the implementation of eCommerce allows for free-flowing customer and product data to boost sales for manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors.

In 2020, the Corona Virus changed the landscape of the sales process for wholesalers and distributors, and the implementation of eCommerce gained immediacy. No longer can sales take place in traditional methods, but need to be digital to grow businesses. But many sales staff who work for manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors see e-commerce as a threat, which is slowing adoption by many organizations.

However, when B2B companies digitize they find that because of the easily accessed customer and product data that is available, sales reps do their job more efficiently and build better relationships with their customers.

In this report, you can expect to see examples of companies who have successfully adopted and implemented eCommerce in ways that enable their sales teams to focus on higher-value tasks rather than outdated and lengthy processes. Ultimately benefiting your customers and creating re-occurring revenue and strong relationships. This report also delivers the best practices of how to deploy and minimize sales conflict with implementation.

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