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Power your digital transformation with these powerful new capabilities

Create Customer Loyalty and Drive Growth with Modern Ecommerce Experiences

The only digital commerce platform that’s built specifically to simplify complex B2B buyer journeys and put customer experience first.

How Liferay Helps B2B Sellers

Increase Customer Loyalty with Effortless Buying
One of the most effective ways to guarantee repeat business is with a frictionless digital buying experience. Make your customers’ buying experience a top priority to increase customer acquisition and retention.
Drive Ecommerce Adoption for Higher Profitability
A modern ecommerce experience leads to higher order values, increased order frequency, and improved customer retention. Boost your customer lifetime value with more satisfied customers and decreased selling costs.
Empower Your Customers While Reducing Cost to Serve
Don’t make your customers wait for responses to emails or phone calls. By leveraging the power of self-service tools, your customers will be enabled to manage their accounts and solve problems independently, leading to an increase in customer satisfaction and decrease in cost-to-serve.

Featured Capabilities

Site and Content Management
Scale your commerce business with multiple sites and channels to maintain content and provide consistent, engaging brand experiences.
Shopping Experience
Sell more with catalog and product browsing tools that enable your customers to quickly find what they need, make informed and accurate purchases, and discover new products.
Order Management
Easily integrate into backend systems like your ERP or CRM to streamline ordering workflows and offer frictionless buying experiences that drive recurring revenue and reduce cost-to serve.
Self Service Account Management
Boost satisfaction with account and knowledge management tools that put your customer in control. When customers can access knowledge and solve problems independently, they’re more satisfied.
Sales and Service Rep Support
Empower your sales and service teams to sell more efficiently and build stronger customer relationships with specialized user roles, dashboards, and automated workflows.
Integrations and Connectors
Provide accurate, real-time data throughout the ordering process. Connect all your data sources for a streamlined digital ecosystem with our open, flexible architecture.

Why Choose Liferay

A Proven Leader in Digital Experiences
Liferay is a Gartner leader 11 years running. Analysts consistently give Liferay favorable evaluations for our digital experience capabilities.
A Trustworthy Partner for B2B Companies
B2B enterprises in manufacturing, distribution, retail, and more use Liferay technology to support their digital transformations.
Expert Guidance in Digital Transformation 
Liferay has 10+ years of experience transitioning enterprise from homegrown or legacy systems to our streamlined platform.

Customer Success Stories

Bringing Clarity to Complexity
Tag replaced their legacy systems with Liferay to deliver a self-service commerce portal, allowing customers to manage their own ordering, which has resulted in decreased costs and an increase in orders processed.
Putting the User First
Thanks to personalized content and a user-friendly e-commerce space,Terres Inovia doubled their web traffic and increased customer inquiries.
See how Liferay can simplify complex B2B buyer journeys.