Liferay Headless CMS

Develop experiences that are perfect for every channel. Go completely headless with Liferay or use a hybrid, decoupled approach to enable cross-functional collaboration.

Liferay as a Headless Platform

Greater Flexibility and Control

Liferay’s foundation as a developer platform continues to evolve with the addition of headless APIs for out-of-the-box services. Developers now have unmatched flexibility to integrate Liferay across all systems, whether that’s pulling data into Liferay or bringing Liferay into an existing ecosystem.

OpenAPI Standard Compliant

Liferay’s API layer supports the OpenAPI specification, the most popular open source framework for RESTful APIs. GraphQL is also supported for easier development.

Headless CMS and Headless Commerce Support

Liferay supports APIs across our entire content and commerce capabilities, allowing you to create a seamless front end for the entire customer journey.

Benefits of a Decoupled Platform

Liferay decouples presentation and content, giving you the best of both a traditional CMS and headless architecture in one platform.

Everybody Wins

Empower both developers and marketers with an authoring interface and developer experience that work hand-in-hand.

Omnichannel Freedom

Deliver powerful experiences everywhere, from mobile apps to smart vending machines.

Experiment Without Risk

Build out new ideas without having to buy a new platform. Multitenancy and autoscaling support ensures that you can quickly test and iterate while maintaining a quality customer experience.

Try Liferay for 30 Days

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