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GRDF has acquired a complete digital experience platform for managing all of its web channels. With this "Factory as a Service", we are providing our business teams with an out of the box solution and agile methodology for designing modern, mobile websites with significant added value.
Franck Biet
Communication & Collaboration Manager

GRDF brings together all of the natural gas distribution facilities for 11 million customers in France.

In order to insure a graphical and technical continuity but also prepare the gradual integration of Gazpar smart meter, GRDF decided in 2013 to acquire a complete digital experience platform to manage all of its web channels.

Liferay was chosen according to a number of criteria to redesign the website and to create a web factory. "We wanted a modern portal that's flexible and adapted to mobile use. It also had to be reliable and scalable to reach a target of 11 million users."

Over 200 sites have currently been created. The new website was launched in only four months and attracted 140% more visitors compared to 2014.

The solution's native features offer more extensive business services that are easier to use.

"For example, an existing gas customer can check their meter online or request a safety assessment. If they are not currently using gas, they can request a connection. The services can also be adapted to very specific needs. The customer can view advice on how to choose an economical heating system and plan their renovation project budget or get information about regulations for a construction project."

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