Manufacturing Customer Portals

How Liferay Helps Manufacturers Personalize Customer Experience

With the out-of-the-box features of a customer portal built on Liferay manufacturers can offer the seamless and personalized experiences B2B buyers expect. With Liferay, manufacturers can leverage:
Advanced User Segmentation for Personalized Experiences
Define and leverage user segments in order to create, manage, and deliver user-specific site experiences that drive engagement and increase relevance.
Comprehensive Site and Page Analytics
Get to know your customers and discover insights about customer profiles and behavioral data, allowing you to continuously optimize customer journeys.
Performance Analytics for Content & Assets
Measure and evaluate the performance of your content and access useful information about published assets (clicks, views, downloads, etc.).
A/B and Multivariate Testing
Experiment with two or more variants of the same page or component in order to identify the top performers, reduce bounce rates, and increase conversion.

Improve Customer Experience Through Personalized Buying Journeys

Manufacturers can rely on Liferay’s powerful Digital Experience Platform (DXP) to build superior customer portals that simplify complexity, reduce the cost-to-serve, and ultimately increase revenue by offering the seamless and personalized experiences B2B buyers expect. By enabling your customers to find what they are looking for instantly, personalizing customer experience can be a crucial competitive differentiator.

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