A Unified View of BI Reports for Executives

The executive team has found the consolidated analytics portal so useful and efficient that they have decided to expand the portal to include other departments throughout the hospital, utilizing the highly scalable Liferay platform.

This organization is one of the largest multi-institutional healthcare delivery systems in the United States. It serves people and communities in 21 states from coast to coast with 86 hospitals, 128 continuing care facilities and home health and hospice programs that provide nearly 2.8 million visits annually.

The organization’s executive team needed many different tools for business intelligence (BI) reporting, including BusinessObjects (BO) 4, BO 3, Tableau, QlikView and custom applications. This required them to log into each of these separate systems to reach the information they needed. The system was inefficient, time-consuming, and it negatively impacted the executive team’s ability to make quick business decisions on a day-to-day basis. The team decided it needed to revamp the process by uniting all their business intelligence systems into one comprehensive site.


Designing a Fully Integrated Internal Analytics Portal

The team selected Dunn Solutions to help them develop an analytics portal that would consolidate all BI systems, access and reports into one unified view. The Liferay platform was chosen as the foundation for the new portal, due to its strengths in integration and its open source technology. The solution incorporated custom-developed connectors using each BI system’s APIs and it allowed the hospital’s BI team to add any new BI systems with these connectors, should they need more in the future.

The new analytics portal enables single-sign-on access for the entire executive team so that they can access all BI reports in one place. Additional functionality that was developed in the portal includes:

  • Ability to flag reports as favorites.
  • Administrator ability to generate audit reports across all systems.
  • Administrator ability to adjust permissions based on user role.
  • Generate consistent report view regardless of BI system.
  • Browse and search across many BI systems at once.
  • Execute on-demand data refresh.

The analytics portal also utilized a “Contact Us” and “About” page so that executives could request help from their internal BI team whenever necessary.

More Efficient Decision Making With a Unified System

With Liferay, the executive team was able to replace its siloed systems with a consolidated analytics portal to give the executive team a unified view and single-sign-on access to all BI systems. The hospital’s BI and executive teams have found the implementation of their consolidated analytics portal so useful and efficient that they have decided to expand the portal to include other departments throughout the hospital, utilizing their highly scalable Liferay platform.

Case Study
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