Manage your suppliers more efficiently on a single workspace

Build a window into your systems to provide visibility needed to streamline supplier processes.

Streamlining Supplier Management

Douglas Automates Manual Supplier Processes with a Single Solution

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Faster Onboarding

Centralize supplier communications

Don’t rely on inefficient channels like email/phones and fax to communicate with your suppliers when a supplier portal can centralize communication in one place.

Track History

Integrate backend systems to give your teams access to issues, order updates, and requests in one place, so they have the context they need to follow up with their suppliers quickly.

Manage Documents

Integrate with content repositories to enable suppliers to upload and download documents such as invoices, documentation, and environmental compliance reports.

Enable Collaboration

Use social tools such as integrated chat to allow your teams to collaborate with suppliers on new deals, pricing, and product development.


Automate supplier functions for greater internal efficiency

Use AI/ML and digital process models to move business processes forward with less manual intervention.

Automate Onboarding

Streamline the registration, validation, and onboarding process. Create workflows that can automate these processes, and be personalized according to different supplier segments.

Consolidate Information

Automatically pull information from external sources, such as purchasing and payment systems, into one view so your teams can easily track orders and payments from one interface.

Split Orders

Use workflows to automatically split orders that require fulfillment by different suppliers, instead of manually placing orders with each supplier.


Monitor and Improve Supplier Performance

It’s hard to choose the most reliable and efficient supplier without clear data on their performance. With a supplier portal built on Liferay, you can surface information to help determine which suppliers to continue working with.

Set SLAs

Liferay allows you to establish SLAs and escalation points for workflows. Metrics are provided out-of-the-box so that you can see which suppliers are able to meet the goals and SLAs set.

Access Insights

If you have BI or other analytics tools in place, a supplier portal should be able to connect to those and display metrics and reports through its interface. Liferay can also pull information that is integrated from an EDI to display metrics, such as fulfillment rate, on the supplier portal.

This manufacturer removed data silos for more efficient supplier communications.

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Build your supplier portal on a reliable, secure platform

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