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solutions: Self-Service

Launch Effective Self-Service Experiences

Keep your customers happy with intuitive, cost-efficient self-service.
30% Decrease in Customer Support Calls

Learn how Eatel reduced their most common customer support calls by 30% with their Liferay portal.

Drive the Adoption of Self-Service

Empower your customers to resolve their own issues without the help of a live representative. With native Knowledge Base Management, Liferay helps you launch an intuitive self-service portal that keeps your customers happy.
  • Manage knowledge faster with publishing workflows and approvals for your knowledge base.
  • Surface more relevant content with personalization for every customer group.
  • Enable your customers to easily manage and update their account information.
  • Measure self-service adoption and find areas for improvement with an integrated analytics solution.
Screenshot eines Kundenportals
Service-Touchpoints im Kundenportal

Unify Your Existing Customer Service Touchpoints

Launch faster by bringing your existing customer service systems and content into a single, unified experience that fits your customers.
  • Liferay’s API-first platform makes it easy to connect your existing services.
  • Use Liferay as a single content repository and share consistent knowledge across all your channels.
  • Design enrollment forms and sign up experiences without using code.

Building Trust with Customers During Times of Crisis

How can companies earn customer trust in time of uncertainty? Find actionable strategies for your customer service organization in this e-book.

Fill in the Gaps in Your Customer Journey

Liferay gives Customer Experience leaders a full toolkit to evolve the digital customer service experience across the entire customer journey.
Increase the reuse of existing content with smart content recommendations.
Connect your customers’ preferred channels and distribute content from a single source.
Create tailored search results to ensure your customers find what they’re looking for.
Keep customer data private with the ability to export and delete user data.
Engage customers and find opportunities to improve through feedback forms.
Monitor top pages and searches to understand what customers are looking for.
Keycopter brings efficiency and autonomy to
helicopter operators. By providing coherent
online services, it is easy for our customers
to keep their aircraft in good condition.
Jérôme Chauvin
IM project manager, Airbus Helicopters

Foster Customer Communities

Create user-driven communities with forums that allow customers to answer each others’ questions.
  • Extend your official knowledge base by crowd-sourcing responses to common questions.
  • Enable customers to post, respond to, share, and rate user-posted content.
  • Use built-in user ranks to drive engagement with your top contributors.
  • Ensure your forum posts rank in search engines where your customers can discover them.
Kundenportal mit Community

Launch effective self-service experiences with Liferay