Liferay DXP for Customer Portals

Customer Portal Solutions to Build Long-Term Loyalty

Deliver Tailored Experiences Across the Entire Customer Journey

Customer experience goes beyond the point of purchase. An enterprise customer portal built on Liferay DXP enables your company to keep delivering value to customers after purchase, increasing retention and loyalty through easy self service experiences.

This solution delivers an engaging user experience and homogenizes our complex back-end systems.
Deborah Banks

Customer Portal Features

  • Modern User Experience

    Refresh legacy portals with a modern user interface and design.

  • Built on a Leading DXP

    Create exceptional experiences for your customers on a completely customizable platform.

  • Customer Dashboards

    Create one-stop shops under one login for the applications and information customers need.

  • Identity Management

    Leverage a robust authentication framework that supports SAML, LDAP, OpenId, OAuth and more.

  • Audience Targeting

    Surface related content for each user in real time based on custom-built segments.

  • Data Protection

    Review or erase user data to address data privacy concerns and meet regulations such as GDPR.

  • Mobile Experience

    Reach customers anywhere with support for native or hybrid mobile app development.

  • Role-Based Content Delivery

    Show each user personalized content and pages based on their role.

  • Forms

    Capture customer feedback with a powerful form builder to continuously improve experiences.

Robust Self Service Portals

Robust Self Service Portals

Lay a Foundation for Self Service

Leverage a full-featured knowledge base out of the box, with granular controls to manage who can contribute to articles. Integrate with custom workflows to streamline content creation for your self service portal.

Fuel Engagement With Forums

Build communities with message boards and forums so your customers can benefit from common questions and feedback. Integration with Elasticsearch makes it easy to find the right information whenever it’s needed.

Keep Content Up-to-Date

Schedule content reviews and expirations, with versioning and reversioning features so customers always have accurate, current information.