Liferay Enterprise

Software is more than source code. Run your Liferay solutions with a full package of support, maintenance, and legal assurance.

Why a Subscription?

A Liferay subscription is more than a license and support; our subscriptions allow you to access enterprise-grade software with a full package of support, maintenance, and legal assurance services. This means that customers are able to use the cutting-edge flexibility and innovation of an open source technology for their business needs at a lower total cost of ownership.
Perpetual License and EOL
Liferay doesn’t charge a license fee for the use of its on-premise software. If you terminate your subscription, you can continue to run your Liferay project without interruption. 
Lower Total Cost of Ownership
Customers will benefit from a unique subscription-based model, which allows them to access enterprise-grade software and services without paying upfront license fees, reducing costs and lowering total cost of ownership.
Relationship With the Vendor
Thanks to a decade of ongoing collaboration with our active and mature user community, Liferay's product development is the result of direct input from real users with representation from a broad range of industries and organizational roles.
Consolidated Support
Subscriptions come with tiers of support that include access to both web based and phone support. Customers will be able to view articles in our help center, submit tickets, and even access emergency response. 

What's Included

Support Services

Every subscription includes ongoing maintenance, fix packs and web- and phone-based support.

Customer Portal

Access the latest product downloads, official documentation, software updates, help center, and other valuable resources for your project.

Legal Protection

We care about protecting our customers and ensure that they can maintain business continuity if an intellectual property issue arises.

Software Maintenance 

All updates are included and available to you on your own timeline alongside upgrade tools and resources. Additionally, Liferay also provides rapid notification of security issues, bug resolution, testing, evaluation, and transmission of bug fixes. 

Professional Support Tiers

  1. Gold


    (Only available with Liferay Experience Cloud) 

  2. Web-Based Support
  3. Help Center/Knowledge Base 
  4. Ticketing System
  5. Regional Business Hours
  6. 24/7 Support*
  7. Emergency Response*
  8. Max Response Time
    2 Business Days 
    1 Business Days 
    1 Business Days 
  9. Designated Contacts 
  10. Full Management of Platform  
* For Severity 1 incidents reported via phone


  1. Web Based Support
    Help Center/Knowledge Base 
    Ticketing System
    Max Response Time
  2. 1 Business Day
  3. 1 Business Day
  1. Regional Business
    24/7 Support*
    Designated Contacts
  2. 2+


Every business has unique needs. Let our sales team walk you through the pricing details for a realistic quote based on your project size and goals.

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