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Solutions: partner portals

Collaborate, Support and Grow Revenue for Your Partners

Make it easy for your partners to collaborate with you, support their customers, and grow revenue with a personalized partner portal.

Seamlessly Collaborate with Your Partners

Don’t make your partners hunt for what they need. Personalize their digital experience so they can quickly access sales, marketing, and training materials.
  • Segment and create unique partner programs for different groups of partners
  • Make it easy to showcase your products with digital product catalogs tailored to each partner 

  • Track and measure the effectiveness of MDF, co-op, and co-branded partner activities

  • Personalize partner experience to deliver relevant content, including special promotions 

  • Localize content effectively to keep partners informed no matter where they’re located

  • Create and organize all your content, segments, and activities on one unified platform

Support Your Partners Without Adding Staff 

Don’t make your partners wait for a customer service rep to get back to them. Empower them to find everything they need to be successful online. 
  • Allow partners to update their information or open a support ticket 
  • Provide secure online access to sensitive documents such as contracts

  • Onboard partners faster with a detailed knowledge base of support/training materials

  • Capture partner feedback to help improve your offerings, strategy, and service

  • Measure portal adoption and find areas for improvement with integrated analytics

  • Manage online returns efficiently to minimize any disruptions to their business

  • Integrate with other platforms, such as LMS and CRM, to automate partner payments, lead routing, MDF workflows, compliance and training

Grow Partner Revenue with A Seamless Commerce Experience

Product options, discounts, ordering methods, and other factors can vary widely between partners. Simplify buying and encourage repeat business with a site that adjusts to display only what’s relevant for each partner.
  • Simplify ordering through automated approval workflows, support for different payment methods, custom account- or role-based ordering options
  • Grow into any market with tax integrations and multi-currency support

  • Allow partners to view inventory, receive quotes or check order status

  • Enable your sales reps to optimize partner orders, offer relevant discounts, or recommend complementary solutions by providing an order history dashboard

Launch effective partner portal experiences with Liferay