Improve partner operations and collaboration with a single workspace

Manage thousands of complex partner relationships on a single platform, making it both easier for partners to work with your organization and for your teams to serve partners. 

Unifying Partner Experiences

HPE Manages a Complex Global Partner Network on a Single Partner Portal 

Partner Organizations
Content Owners 
Partner Management 

Manage Complex Partner Relationships With Ease 

With an extensive partner network, it may be difficult to organize and reach the right partners. But with Liferay, you can tailor your partner portal to meet the unique needs of your partner network. 

Control Access

Ensure partners only see the product, pricing and resources they're entitled to by assigning roles and permissions for each partner based on organization, partner tier, role, location, and language.

Personalize Content 

Target communication according to how you structure your partner hierarchy so that partners see personalized information that is most relevant to them.

Unify in Dashboards

Surface partner information, such as accounts, contracts, and open tickets, in a single dashboard by integrating data systems and CRMs with Liferay's library of native connectors, APIs, and integration framework.


Onboard and Train Partners Faster

Support your partners right from the start by delivering an effective onboarding process to provide all the information they need to sell successfully. 

Manage Accounts 

Make it easy for partners to create new accounts with forms collecting information needed to get started. 

Automate Notifications

Use automated notifications to remind your partners of where they are in the onboarding process and what they have left to complete.

Curate Content 

Create onboarding journeys that automatically curate the right content and tools for different types of partners.

Train Partners

Integrate with e-learning and external training systems for certifications and additional courses, right within the portal.


Increase visibility into partner deals, leads, and programs 

Connect the tools and resources partners need to sell effectively by unifying applications, content libraries, and external systems into a single gateway. 

Integrate with CRMs

Register and track deals in a single place by integrating with Salesforce and other CRMs.

Track MDFs

Surface MDF progress and utilization right within the portal so partners can see how to leverage their funds.

Manage Assets

Organize assets with a robust DAM and powerful search capabilities, to ensure partners can find the information they are looking for.


Quickly evolve your partner portal without relying on IT 

Enable your channel teams to keep the portal fresh, responding to partner needs with new content and applications. 

Communicate Near Real Time 

Create and update pages, content, and assets that keep partners up-to-date and enabled on your latest products, services, and programs. 

Create Digital Business Experiences

Build new applications, workflows, and forms to acclerate processes, like submitting MDF requests, using no-code and low-code functionality.

Understand User Needs

Use analytics to figure out issues with content or where users get stuck so you can improve the experience. 

Cross-Industry Effectiveness with Liferay

Organizations in insurance, manufacturing, and other industries leverage Liferay to build partner portals to make partner management easier. See how with the following case studies: 


Church Mutual unifies information for their producer agencies on a single solution.

Producer Agencies Served 


Putzmeister serves over 1,550 customers and dealers worldwide. 

Faster Onboarding 
Less Backend Work


Alongsiders supports unique partner structure with Liferay.

Partner Leaders 

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