NSW Department of Education Delivers a Personalised Portal Experience

Using a portal makes it much easier to manage administrative tasks like attendance and calendars and collaborate and share more effectively for better outcomes on aspects like student well-being.
Peter Coppola
Director of Digital Experience Platforms, NSW Department of Education

More than 1,200,000 New South Wales school students, and their parents and teachers, use state government portals to access everything from timetables and reports to teachers’ annual leave balances. These portals are now at the centre of a digital modernisation program led by the New South Wales Department of Education.

Liferay DXP provides a common platform for three education portals, Staff, Student and Parent, and a single view of up-to date student, parent and school data. It is also easier to personalise content since audience segmentation capabilities make it possible to provide highly targeted information, without the department’s users needing coding skills.

Students, parents and teachers can also personalise their school portal experience and and responsive design ensures that the interface is easy to use on different devices.

To secure data, the department is using Liferay DXP’s identity management and access control features, including authentication and role-based permissions while single sign-on simplifies user access.

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