An effective HR portal for France-based employees

Orange’s new Liferay-based HR portal brings value to the human resources’ management in France and offers employees a smoother means of communication and interaction with the company.
Pierre Guillotin
Project Manager, Digital Services Department

Orange is one of the world’s leading telecommunications operators. In 2012, Orange France’s Human Resources Department called into question the sustainability of its HR portal because it no longer met business needs. They wanted an industrialized and upgradeable solution to achieve their new goals. Namely: the greater the contribution, the quicker the integration of the new services and the creation of websites.

By choosing Liferay, Orange benefited from a scalable solution to meet changing demands, facilitate access to HR services and create a new website in a few clicks.

35 sites now form the HR portal. These include event sites, for example sites dedicated to the Group’s communications or sites dedicated to a restricted audience such as managers. The content, the visuals as well as the contributors vary from one site to another. This gives each site its own identity. Approximately 12,000 pieces of content are shared across 950 pages with peak page views of one million per month.

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