Optimizing Business Processes With Form-Based Applications
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Live from LSNA: Optimizing Business Processes With Form-Based Applications

See why forms are one of the most valuable channels for customer engagement

Sometimes when we take pictures, we surface small pieces of what we’re experiencing. But the world we see is much bigger than the pictures we take. There’s a huge opportunity within business operations to drive convenience with optimized processes that the customer may never see, but that greatly improves their experience.

During LSNA 2018, Charlles Pinon shared about what’s new and what’s coming in Liferay Forms, and how companies can leverage these improvements to change how they engage with their customers.

What’s New in Liferay Forms?

Forms are everywhere. Whether you’re running a feedback survey or guiding a customer through the process of purchasing a product, forms are a key part of how companies communicate with customers.

Good forms have relevant questions that personalize the experience to customer interests. By improving personalization, companies can reduce abandonment in forms. With the release of 7.1, Liferay DXP brings together advanced forms functionality with a low-code approach that allows business users to create new forms faster than ever, with built-in personalization tools.

“We have support for everything from multi-language support to customizable conditional rules,” explained Charlles Pinon, the product manager for Forms and Workflow at Liferay.

What Does It Mean for Your Company?

The latest improvements mean that companies can significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to build and manage new forms for advanced business use cases, such as insurance applications. For instance, the ability to define conditional rules allows for greater personalization out of the box, with the ability to ask additional questions based on the information the systems receives from users.

One of the newest features integrates functionality in Screens, one of Liferay’s mobile tools, to enable a continuous experience across devices. If someone begins filling out a form on their computer, they can finish up later on their mobile phone without having to re-enter any information. This means that companies can deliver an omnichannel experience from day one and capitalize on this critical channel for interacting with customers.

What’s Coming Next?

“We’re looking for ways to evolve form-based applications,” said Pinon. To achieve this, he plans to improve Forms APIs for easier integration with other systems. He also plans to implement major improvements to the visual workflow designer so that workflows are better integrated into the forms that users build.

Pinon also shared plans to make fields reusable in different forms and quickly integrate forms as CTAs on marketing landing pages. Some of these changes are planned for Liferay DXP 7.2, the coming release for Liferay’s main platform.

Even more exciting, Liferay Analytics Cloud will be employed to understand user interactions on forms for greater visibility into what is causing form abandonment. These changes will open up ways for companies to interact with their customers and respond quickly to change.

Learn What’s New in Liferay DXP 7.1

The latest release of Liferay DXP includes a host of new features and improved functionality, such as flexible, efficient page design, data protection tools, streamlined usability for business users and more.

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