Developer Services

Build Intelligent, Connected Solutions with Liferay Experts

Our team of Liferay Experts is ready to answer questions, give hands-on help, remove blockers, and ensure your project's success.

What is Developer Services?

Have a question about Liferay's best practices? An issue or roadblock that is preventing your development team from moving forward in your project? Liferay expert advice and guidance will greatly increase the success of your solutions.
Expert Development
Direct contact with expert developers to help you with your custom needs
Instructions and steps focused on walking you through commonly encountered cases
Guides and White Papers
Guides for your deployment, integration, and continued enhancement of Liferay products
Advice and Answers
Ticket-based entry point for questions, issue research, analysis, and advice
Sample Code
Examples to help you visualize patterns and best practices
Knowledge Base Access
Access to Liferay's full FAQs and how-to database

Liferay Services and Support Offerings

Developer Services is just one of the many ways Liferay offers support for your team.

Is Developer Services for Me?

This offering is for you if you:
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