BridgeVoice Pluto Offers a Liferay-Powered Self-Care Portal to its Customers

Liferay has helped us acquire new customers and steadily increase our revenue.
Mark Hatam
Panamax Chief Product Officer

BridgeVoice Pluto, a global leader in offering retail and wholesale Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telecommunications services, is an integral part of Bankai Group and its technology holding, Panamax Inc. The group has more than 30 years of robust experience and profound expertise in the telecommunications industry. In the spirit of constant innovation, Panamax leveraged Liferay for a state-of-the-art self-care portal for wholesale and retail telecom customers and suppliers.


The Need for BridgeVoice Pluto

As the telecom market evolved, Panamax needed a scalable solutions to serve their growing customer base. So they combined their existing solutions to carve out a unique industry-leading solution to off er VoIP services to its clients: BridgeVoice Pluto. Panamax wanted this solution to be able to:

  • Make wholesale telecom products easily available.
  • Cater to customers with lowest revenue.
  • Reduce time-to-value for customers by shortening the onboarding process.
  • Open up a new revenue stream via self-service.

Modern Delivery Mechanism for a Modern Solution

A revolutionary solution like BridgeVoice Pluto has never existed before and would require more sophisticated technologies than the homegrown systems Panamax had been using. So, they decided to develop an industrial-grade web portal that could reliably cater its VoIP solution to customers as well as to internal users and administrators. Aft er evaluating multiple solutions, Panamax zeroed in on Liferay to commission a comprehensive self-care customer platform that would be both reliable and scalable. Panamax chose Liferay for its open source architecture which off ered flexibility when it comes to partner and code management. Having used Tomcat, Apache, and Linux for other projects, Liferay fit right into the technology stack at Panamax.

Liferay powers all front-end user activities, while seamlessly facilitating backend processes using APIs. With Aixtor Technologies, Panamax was able to build a one-stop shop for wholesale and retail voice businesses with:

  • Automated account set-up in just a few minutes for customers
  • Improved and accelerated onboarding workflow with programs such as Quick Credit Check, Know Your Customer (KYC) process, Online Interconnect Agreement and interoperability testing
  • User-friendly GUI offering that provides easy access to the updated productʼs rate sheet, dashboards, reports, invoices, CDRs, and transaction details

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