3 Ways DXPs Improve Customer Experience
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3 Ways DXPs Improve Customer Experience

Read about the role of DXPs in your digital transformation process.

The digital economy has been on the rise for a number of years now, but the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 saw the adoption of digital solutions accelerate at an exponential rate, with many businesses transforming themselves in order to allow remote working by their employees and greater digital access by their customers.

Digital experience platforms (DXPs) have been an essential part of this transformation, helping companies to meet constantly changing expectations of their customers. They help to streamline the customer experience across various channels throughout the entire customer journey, significantly contributing to improved levels of customer engagement and retention. These are three key benefits of adopting a digital experience platform.

1. Integrate technology to provide cohesive customer journeys

Cohesive customer journeys are successfully achieved when brands deliver a consistent experience to their customers at every touch point.

Digital experience platforms offer a centralised location to deliver digital experiences which helps to reduce the number of silos within an organisation. In addition to increased productivity, this ensures that companies are better equipped to easily connect data from multiple sources, providing a solid foundation to deliver cohesive customer journeys across the customer lifecycle.

One of the benefits of the end-to-end content management capability of digital experience platforms is that data is collected and connected from every channel, which assists in the provision of fully integrated omnichannel experiences.

2. Personalise interactions to meet customer needs

A digital experience platform can also help to personalise a customer’s journey. When information about customer demographics, personal details and previous history is available to a company, it is much easier to personalise their experience and make suggestions based upon their likely needs.

The fact that all customer data is centralised on one platform, which is also capable of integrating with other systems such as CRMs, means that a company can get a 360 degree view of every customer, making it much simpler to provide them with exactly what they’re looking for or need. This applies to the delivery of both content and functionality in context which can be tailored based on factors such as job role. Different segments of users can also be created based on key audiences and behaviours. 

Digital experience platforms also help to provide feedback loops, which assist companies to optimise on a continuous basis so as to always be able to make the most of data that relates to the behaviour and preferences of customers.

3. Rely on a platform that grows with your digital business

More than ever, today’s businesses need to be able to be innovative and ready for the needs of the future, no matter how unpredictable that future may be. Digital experience platforms provide businesses with the flexibility to customise as time passes and their needs grow, but also to meet the ever evolving customer service expectations.

This is essentially a way for businesses to “future proof” their strategies. This ensures that they are not left behind by changes and developments within both their companies and the industries in which they operate.

Seven Popular Liferay Use Cases

Different organisations around the world have leveraged the flexibility of Liferay to build custom-tailored digital solutions such as ecommerce sites, self-service customer portals, intranets, and integration platforms. Download this e-book to take a closer look at 7 diverse Liferay use cases across industries.

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The Current Landscape for Digital Experience Platforms

The 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Experience Platforms report evaluates 16 providers of digital experience platforms based on completeness of vision and ability to execute. We’re honoured to be recognised as the only 11-time Leader since the report’s inception, a competitive position which demonstrates our ability to execute well against our current vision as well as being well positioned for tomorrow.

We believe that Gartner has recognised Liferay as a Leader on account of a number of distinctions, including these three key capabilities - strength in integration, fit for complex B2B and B2E scenarios, and low total cost of ownership (TCO). Liferay DXP is able to work within the existing processes and technologies of a business in order to create customised solutions that will be able to meet the unique requirements of every company. It allows businesses to build with confidence on the platform, knowing that it’s capable of continual growth via organic innovations and contributions from a vibrant open source community.

The Revolutionising of Online Customer Service Expectations

Adopting a digital experience platform like Liferay can revolutionise the expectations of online customer service from a company’s clientele. There are a number of ways in which these expectations have already been improved by the Liferay DXP.

A great example of this is NSW Department of Education, which uses online portals to serve over 1.2 million students, parents and teachers in the state. Peter Coppola, Director of Digital Experience Platforms at NSW Department of Education, said “Using a portal makes it much easier to manage administrative tasks like attendance and calendars and collaborate and share more effectively for better outcomes on aspects like student wellbeing”.

Liferay DXP has helped to modernise these portals by providing a common platform for staff, students and parents, as well as a singular view of relevant and up to date information for all three audiences. Adoption of the platform has also made it simpler for NSW Department of Education to personalise this content due to audience segmentation capabilities that allow for the provision of highly targeted information.

In addition, the school portal experience can also be personalised by the portal users (parents, students and their teachers), with responsive design ensuring that the interface will remain simple to use regardless of the nature of the devices that are being used to access it.

Does Your Company Need a Digital Experience Platform?

With recent trends towards a digital economy, it has become crucial for businesses to make the shift towards digital solutions to ensure they’re well equipped to adapt to the ever-changing nature of customer expectations. Liferay DXP can help to improve customer experience, personalise based on customer needs, and allows for additional flexibility as your company continues to grow. 

See how different organisations around the world have leveraged the flexibility of Liferay to build custom-tailored digital solutions that meet their unique needs and goals. This e-book covers 7 popular use cases, ranging from portals to B2B commerce sites and modern intranets. Liferay DXP has a range of solutions that can help add value to your company and successfully accomplish your goals.

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