Developer Bootcamp

Longitud 5 Days
Formatos Private Onsite
Versiones de Liferay 7.1

Develop Smarter

Know when to use out-of-the-box features and when to customize existing features so you can implement business requirements quickly.

Harness Liferay's Tools

Learn how to use Liferay to customize all aspects of the platform from the view layer all the way to the persistence layer and back.

Choose Your Development Path

Discover how modularity and developing in OSGi benefits you and how to continue developing with WARs to minimize business impact.

What You'll Learn

  • Liferay and Users

    • Working with Liferay DXP

      • Creating Digital Experiences for Your Users
      • Getting Concrete: Applying What You Learn to a Real-World Use Case
    • Bringing in Your Existing Users

      • Import Your Users into Liferay
      • Bring in Users from LDAP
    • User Management

      • Create Your Org Structure in Liferay
      • Automatically Map LDAP Groups to Liferay
      • Differences and Strategies for User Organization
    • Control User Access

      • Define Fine-Grained Permissions for Individual Resources
      • Reflect Real-Life Job Responsibilities with Roles
  • Manage Content with Sites

    • Reach Your Users with Sites

      • Create Websites to Engage Your Customers
      • Create Intranets to Empower Your Departments and Teams
      • Manage Site Membership
    • Publication and Workflow

      • Understanding How to Use Workflow and Staging to Review Content Before it Goes Live
    • Digital Assets

      • Create, Share, and Connect Assets in a Common Framework
      • Powerful Tools to Create and Manage Content
      • Feature Overview:
        Modern Site Building (New!)
        Asset Management
        Organizing with Metadata
    • Completing the Digital Experience

      • Feature Overview:
        Analytics Cloud
  • Develop Applications

    • Setting up the Development Environment

      • Prepare Your Environment for Development
    • OSGi Basics

      • Introduction to OSGi
      • Basic OSGi Concepts
      • What are Bundles?
      • Components and Services
      • Sharing Features
      • Framework Architecture
      • Benefits of Using OSGi
    • Liferay’s OSGi Container

      • What is the OSGi Container?
      • Working with Liferay Workspace
      • Introducing Liferay Modules
      • Manage Module Dependencies
    • Managing OSGi Bundles

      • Manage OSGi Bundles with the Gogo Shell
      • Using the Felix Web Console
    • Working with Portlet Modules

      • The Java Standard Portlet
    • Develop a Real-World Application

      • Create the Service Layer
      • Create the Presentation Layer
      • Using the Liferay Configuration Framework
      • Implementing Permission Checking
      • The Asset Framework
      • The Search Framework
      • Workflows
      • Using Web Services
      • Integration and Functional Testing
      • Debug and Manage Deployment Issues
  • Customize Your Platform

    • Liferay Platform Architecture Overview

      • Looking at Liferay’s Platform Architecture
    • Customize the User Interface

      • Liferay UI Technologies Overview
      • Change the Default UI with Application Display Templates
      • Customize the Application JSPs
    • Extend Liferay’s Schema

      • Dynamically Add Custom Fields with the Expando API
    • Customize the Service Layer

      • Override and Extend Liferay Services with the Service Wrapper
      • Override OSGi Service References
    • Override Controller Actions

      • Override Struts Actions
      • Override Portal MVC Commands
    • Catch Portal Events

      • Catch Portal Lifecycle Events
      • Intercept Events with Model Listeners
    • Leverage Liferay’s Message Bus

      • Customize Portal Auditing
    • Customize the Platform’s Search

      • Customize Indexing and Search Results with Processors
Developer Bootcamp

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