A Unifying Intranet Solution for a Leading Insurance Company

The flexibility of Liferay, the agility of the solution and the low cost for development and maintenance allowed us to get where we needed to be.
Perry Lombard
Solutions Architect

Genworth Financial, Inc. is a leading insurance holding company committed to helping families achieve the dream of home ownership and address the financial challenges of aging through its leadership positions in mortgage insurance and long term care insurance. Headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, Genworth traces its roots back to 1871. They have been leveraging Liferay technology for their past two intranet iterations and now looked again to Liferay to reinvent their intranet.


Modernizing an Intranet Solution

Genworth’s strength is its employees. They understand the issues families face such as homeownership, aging and caregiving because they face them, too. In order to better support their workforce, Genworth built the third generation of their intranet using Liferay. This improved solution not only has self-service functionality with a modern look and feel, but also solves many of the problems with Genworth’s pre-existing intranet. Previously, the intranet was described as a static newsletter, not much would get changed or updated. Additionally, it was very time consuming to even publish updates. A more contemporary and user-friendly tool was needed. The intranet now has between 700 to 800 sites; some are intranet-focused, some community-driven and some aim to provide customer service. “The flexibility of the platform allows us to do pretty much whatever we want it to do,” said Perry Lombard, Solutions Architect.

Enhanced Performance with Liferay

With the help of Liferay Professional Services, Genworth was able to successfully implement this third generation of their intranet. After upgrading their intranet to the latest version of Liferay DXP, Genworth saw a dramatic increase in performance; the uptime exceeds that of other internal systems. “If a company is looking for a solution that is flexible, cost effective, and easy to implement, I suggest Liferay would be a great opportunity to take a look at,” Lombard said.

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